Our Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Australian Owned, Designed , Manufactured  Hydrogen Fuel System

Fuel Efficient

Increase the fuel economy of the engine

Cleaner Engines

Run the engine cleaner, better and smoother with less internal wear  Increase engine lifespan


Increase Usable Power/ torque – Reduce Fuel usage

Cost Effective

Reduce maintenance costs , less fuel used , short payback period

Power Efficiency

Deliver increased Power/Torque at Lower RPM

Longer Lasting

Robust, Tough construction with High quality materials , chemical protection , ensures many many years of system lifespan    Stainless steel 316 and High density Polyethylene materials

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Trucking business owners —-Are you looking to save money on your fuel bills?

You can save a minimum of 10% of your fuel expenditures through the use of hydrogen and oxygen injection. Done right, the net result is more complete combustion and significant improvement in fuel economy.

Are you looking for a competitive advantage over your competition to see how our clients  report saving between 37% and 50% of your monthly fuel bills – call Gavan 0403177183



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