Design of a MOSFET as a Switch to control the current flow in a Hydrogen generator circuit

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MOSFET power Supply

Mosfet circuits such as the one listed  below should be used to control a electrolysis circuit  as

  1.  it is fully capable of locking in the current flow at a gven value
  2. does not suffer from thermal runnaway
  3. does not waste electrical energy in powering the electronic circuit
  4. does not reduce the usable output voltage of the power supply

The oxidation / reduction potential or voltage of a electro-winning circuit is fixed and the amount of wasted voltage in modern PWM circuits means that it reduces the number of cells that can be run from a vehicle battery  and reduces the maximum amount of gas that is produced.   Consequently a Simple MOSFET power switching circuit that does not waste voltage is an ideal alternative to a PWM design.

MOSFET as a Switch

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