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As Managing director  of Hydrogen fuel systems pty ltd, I have decided to make an offer to individuals who wish to increase their income by acting as agents for the company and promoting the sale and distribution of these patented Systems throughout their district and the world at large.

I am supported by other board members of my company in making this offer which is an excellent way of getting in at the ” ground floor” of this  excellent and exciting technology. I offer agents $400 for every system that they manage to sell to individuals / or companies .  A trucking company typically uses two of the Gen 20 systems to power their trucks  ( ove 10 litre engine capacity)  and therefore earns $800 per truck for the agent who arranged the sale of the systems

In order to complete the transaction the agent must first of all read sign and return to me an agency agreement form and confidentiality agreement form. Having completed the forms, My secretary / company solicitor stores the documents.  Our company secretary then deposites the agent commmission directly into the agents bank , by electronic funds transfer, once the purchase  has been completed by the new client.

The agent will need to provide their  full name ,address and bank account details so that funds can be quickly transferred into their account .   If the agent is an Australian Citizen these funds must be treated as income and declared to the taxation department.

I can be contacted on mobile phone 0403177183

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