Proto-typing designs

source hydrog2

3D printer Recently I purchased a 3D printer with then aim of making and testing new designs in both hydrogen generator systems as well as In magnetic generators

see url After copying a number of designs for system modifictions finally found a program called which enabled me to quickly  create , modify , adjust , print and test a number of plastic units to be used in systems.

The Beauty of this program is that is able accurately and cheaply manufacture multiple versions of a system component without the high cost of a CNC machine 3D printer

Also provided with this program is an excellent set of training videos to teach you how to get the best of the 3D printer

These devices were used to 3d print scaled versions of both plastic and metal parts for construction of the hydrogen generator system as well as the magnetic motor system.

3D printer

I will be sharing some of these designs for the world to  view , , use, modify as required in building the new generator systems.


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