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Read Blog dated 18th June  2017 for –   The greatest automotive story this century has been the “Dieselgate” conspiracy. Not only has it brought down the established regime at VW, but it’s shaken the very foundation of diesel powered transportation.

1.  Image Gallery            2.  Available HFS systems for your vehicle (chart)      3.   Video Gallery          

4.  Installation  instructions for hydrogen generator system         5.  Electronic fuel enhancer details        

6.  HHO generators         7.  About hydrogen fuel systems         8.  Hydrogen fuel savings        

 9. Electronic fuel enhancer tuning  (diesel, petrol, LPG, gasoline)         10.   Older vehicles and HHO    

11. Sensor effects and percentages    12.  Tstat Narrow Band O2 instructions

13.  Frequency MAF sensor package ( Special )      14. Hydrogen Generators  for diesel engines (enhancer installation instructions)        

15.  Hydrogen and shipping engine

16.   Murdoch University report  (2008)-  HYDROGEN INJECTION INTO DIESEL ENGINES

17.    Combustion characteristics of diesel- hydrogen Dual fuel engine

18.    Can Hydrogen Injection save the diesel engine

A Must Read PDF

A Practical Study of Using Hydrogen in Dual – Fuel Compression Ignition Engine    

 IPASJ International Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IIJME) : Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2014
1-This investigation establishes that hydrogen can be utilized in compression ignition engines operating them on dual-fuel principle.
2-Such operation improves thermal efficiency, makes the engine run with very lean equivalence ratios, which means very low engine emissions.
3-This operation results in lower exhaust gas temperatures leading to longer live of components such as exhaust valves.
4-Increasing hydrogen volumetric fractions accompanied with injection timing retarding, due to increasing in the flame velocity till the air is completely utilized. Further increase in HVF causes knock to appear, and OIT must be retarded sharply, which reduce the bp resulted from engine.
5-Knocking in the engine limits the proportion of energy input that can be supplied through hydrogen. The occurrence of knock in this type of hydrogen addition operation may be due to hydrogen rapid rate of pressure rise or flaming particle that is left behind due to bad engine scavenging.
6-When engine was run with hydrogen addition, bp was improved. The effect of hydrogen addition on the power enhancement was not quantitatively but qualitatively by the means of combustion improvement

1. Image Gallery

Below are a number of images to show you a little more about Hydrogen Fuel Systems and the different models we have as well as some installation instructions.    These systems are mounted in plastic , steel of checker-plate aluminium enclosure boxes. Just click on the image you wish to view in an enlarged format.

2. Available HFS system to suit your vehicle

Available  HFS systems  to suit your  vehicle  ;HFS systems april 1 2017wp

3. Video Gallery

Find below a video detailing how to make a HHO Hydrogen Generator Gen 20 System for large trucks.

Learn more about our hydrogen fuel systems in the video below. As a result of years of exhaustive scientific research, “Hydrogen Fuel Systems Pty Ltd” has developed an HHO fuel cell system that can be installed into gas, diesel or petrol internal combustion engines in cars, trucks, boats and rolling stock. Save money and increase Power output making hydrogen, hydroxy gas, browns gas, HHO, for your car, truck, Generator, boat, plane. Save 55% on fuel and increase Power 25%.

4. Installation Instructions for Hydrogen generator System

If you are looking to install your own Hydrogen Fuel System, here is a step by step guide to help you get there!  installation-Instructions-4

5. Electronic Fuel Enhancer for use on Vehicles Post 2005

Electronic Fuel enhancer modules suitable for Use in Australian cars  ( Not US vehicles)    electronic-fuel-enhancers-sept-2016


Hydrogen Fuel System Documents

6. HHO Generators

Learn more about HHO Generators. How do they rate, and What should I Buy? Click here for more about HHO Generators

HHO Generator 2

Learn more about why you should use Hydrogen Fuel Systems HHO Generator.  HHO GENERATOR2 by Hydrogen Fuel Systems Pty Ltd

7. About Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Do you want to learn more about Hydrogen Fuel Systems and our product? Search no further, here is a document with even more information on our Hydrogen Fuel Systems. Hydrogen Fuel systems Pty Ltd

8. Hydrogen Fuel Savings

View the costs and savings Hydrogen Fuel Systems can provide. Hydrogen Fuel Savings

More about HHO

Here are some more documents to learn more about HHO. How Much HHO?   HHO Short Cuts

9. Electronic Fuel Enhancer Tuning

The following links take you through detailed information on Electronic Fuel Enhancer Tuning, Emission Data, Car Battery Information and HHO Diesel AFR Manual.

10 Older Vehicles and HHO

If you have an older vehicle made before 1996 please refer to this document to learn more about OLDER VEHICLES AND HHO

11. Sensor Effects and Percentages

12. Tstat Narrow Band Instructions

Learn more about TSTAT  EFIE  Switches here

Narrow Band Instructions

Wide Band Instructions


Document explaining installation and operation MAF sensor enhancer

13.   Frequency MAF sensor Package


14.  Hydrogen-diesel-book (enhancer installation)      ——   Hydrogen Generators  for diesel engines

15.   hho and shipping    Annual Cost Savings Fuel cost reduction when hydrogen is used to supplement diesel for a single ship (estimated)



18.    Can Hydrogen Injection save the diesel engine   – link to blog dated 18th june 2017

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