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About Us at Hydrogenfuelsystems

About Us at Hydrogenfuelsystems

gavan 2012

gavan 2012

Proud Father of 6 Beautiful children and husband of Karen

Director hydrogenfuelsystems for Trucks, Cars, Boats and Gensets

Trucking Enquirers – Look at the fuel savings spreadsheet link above

PATENTED  (2018) Hydrogen Fuel systems    – Hydrogen Generator kits

 (2012261768) Hydrogen Fuel Systems  patent number (P2061AU01)

Physics , Chemistry, Enginneering Teacher and University Chemical Engineering Researcher 


About the Inventor

Our founder Gavan Knox is a professional Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics teacher in West Australia.  Gavan is a  Teacher, Professional Scientist,  Inventor and University Researcher   with 35 years experience.  Gavan, Proud of his Irish Ancestry (County Cork), is  University  qualified with —   1.   a Bachelor of Education in Chemistry/Physics,    2.  Bachelor of Physics,   3.  Bachelor of Engineering,   4.  Bachelor of Chemistry.  He is currently Studying his Masters in Chemical Engineering (metallurgy).  About Us   Hydrogenfuelsystems….. Hydrogen Fuel Systems Pty Ltd specializes in alternative energy systems for use in internal combustion engines.    The company aim is to improve the Fuel efficiency, Power output and Torque of an I.C.E.  Our Inventions reduce the toxic polluting gases produced by internal combustion engines and reduce the emissions of coal fired power stations.


As more and more people realize the savings that are achieved by using our systems, my inventions have greater impact  worldwide.  In China, and now India, my systems are widely accepted and used on transport Vehicles. They are used for their effectiveness in reducing pollution and increasing engine efficiency.  Hydrogen fuel systems pty ltd,  abbreviate as HFS pty ltd and has been operating since 2009.  HFS provides Hydrogen fuel systems for international clients  in China (Dr Zhu), USA,  India, Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, UAE –  for Trucking , Farming, Marine, Mining and Cars.  Clients report savings between   37% and 51% ,  increased Power and reduced emissions – see the testimonials link–  hydrogen fuel cell Australia. About us hydrogenfuelsystems

Today august 29 2020 Kevin Brookes met me to report on the success of the installation of the new Gen 15 system to his new ford wagon/ utility /camper-wagon… now achieving 35% travelling to outback WA ghost-town goldmining settlements

What Drives Us

Career of Gavan Knox (Director)- Hydrogen Fuel Systems Australia

I have developed an alternative fuel system to reduce the environmental stress on our fragile planet. As a Proud parent of 6 brilliant children.  I  have worked  to protect the environment my young family will inherit.   Pollution from incomplete combustion of  fossil fuels is a major risk to my childrens’ planet and their lifestyle.  Pollution can be rectified as a result of using  Hydrogen fuel technology.    We rely upon honest politicians of high integrity working with industry for the betterment of the world for our young.  Since our company formation 11 years ago,  H.F.S. systems are internationally used and accepted.  However, there is still a lot of work to be done to have this  technology used in many under-developed third world countries.

The current corona virus will be with us until we develop a vaccine , with an anticipated period of 18 months.  In the meantime industry and the use of polluting fossil fuels has reduced ( APRIL 15, 2020) , and given the world a taste of reduced pollution and global warming. 

With the return of the world to “normal” pre-covid19 conditions , industry will return to the unabated release of global warming gasses.  We have the chance now , in these tragic times, to  push governments to abide by the Paris agreement on climate change and use alternative energy sourccs such as Hydrogen.

Interesting Link PDF presentation on Hydrogen Fuel systems pty ltd and our Aims/ Goals / Achievments

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