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PATENTED  (2018)    – Hydrogen Generator kits

Hydrogen Fuel Systems  Patent Number 2012261768  (P2061AU01)


Warranty Policy


HFS Pty ltd the manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser only that the Product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase.


HFS Pty ltd, warranty shall not apply: (i) to any Product subjected to accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, acts of God, improper transport, improper storage, improper use or application, improper installation, improper testing or unauthorized repair; or (ii) to cosmetic problems or defects that result from normal wear and tear under ordinary use, and do not affect the performance or use of the Product,(iii) the “tamper proof label” has been interfered with indicating unauthorized opening of the unit.


HFS Pty ltd, warranty applies only to a Product that is manufactured by or for HFS Pty ltd. If the Product develops a covered defect within the warranty period, HFS Pty ltd, will, at its option, either repair or replace the Product without charge, provided that the Product is returned during the warranty period together with the original sales receipt (copy of the receipt is not acceptable) within the first 30


To obtain warranty service or technical support, please contact glknox11@live.com and/or to request a return authorization number.

About the Inventor- Gavan Knox

I am Teacher and Scientist and have dedicated my life Teaching children  Science and Mathematics  and to think and respond with intelligence rather than just react.

Professionally Gavan Is a University trained and qualified Scientist and inventor in the disciplines of Physics , Chemistry, Engineering, Education  and a University Chemical Engineering Researcher 

Gavan is a 4th Generation Australian with Strong  Irish Ancestry (County Cork).

He is currently completing Post Grad studies in Chemical Engineering (metallurgy) 

In China, and now India  (new JV 2022- Kytech Hydrogen), my patented Hydrogen Kits are widely accepted and used on transport Vehicles.       

Hydrogen fuel systems pty ltd,  abbreviate as HFS, – registered 2009. 

HFS provides Hydrogen fuel systems for international clients  in China (Dr Zhu), USA,  India, Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, UAE, New Zealand –  for

1. Trucking

2. Farming

3. Marine

4. Mining

5. Cars

Clients report savings between   37% and 51% ,  increased Power and reduced emissions – see the testimonials link–  hydrogen fuel cell Australia.

Hydrogen Fuel Systems Pty Ltd specializes in alternative energy systems for use in internal combustion engines.   

The company aim is to improve the Fuel efficiency, Power output and Torque of an I.C.E. 

Our Inventions reduce the toxic polluting gases produced by internal combustion engines and reduce the emissions of coal fired power stations.

Today august 29 2020 , Client , Agent and Friend Mr Kevin Brookes met me to report on the success of the installation of the new Gen 15 system to his new ford wagon/ utility /camper-wagon…  35% savings travelling to outback WA ghost-town goldmining settlements

Future Directions of Gavan Knox (Director)- Hydrogen Fuel Systems Australia

About us at Hydrogenfuelsystems   

I have developed an alternative fuel system to reduce the environmental stress on our fragile planet.

As a Parent of 6 brilliant children, I work to protect the environment my young family will inherit.

Pollution from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels is a major risk to all our childrens’ planet and their lifestyle. Air Pollution can be rectified by using Hydrogen fuel technology.

Since my company foundation in 2009, our H.F.S. systems have been internationally used and accepted (JV- Kytech Hydrogen- Singapore).

There is still a lot of work to be done to have this technology used in many under-developed third world countries.

Global Warming

Governments of the world have accepted  that the burning  fossil fuels must be phased out in our transport systems , if we are to survive. 

Pity that our Australian Government is still pretending that our impact on the global scene is not an issue an that we ca still continue to harvest Coal, Gas and oil and SELL IT OVERSEAS for burning,   

We have a federal government that undermines the good work of state governments who are promoting the use of alternative energy, in particular hydrogen.

It’sTime our Australian PM realizes that Politicians are servants of the people , Not a Dictator.  He has a responsibility is to Australians , not to the multinational  oil and gas companies who Sponsor him

State  government bodies are promoting the use of alternative energy  / green energy/ battery power , wind power, hydrogen power.  Isn’t  it about time Australia shows the world that we are a clever country that uses science to develop other sources of energy    – a Bit like Norway who are well on the way to becoming totally electric in their transport systems.   

Check it out which countries are leading the way in the use of alternative energy…. sorry to say  Australia is close to the bottom of the list…


because we have pathetic leaders who have very short  term memories and very short term  views of the future  directions of Australia

For more information on Australia steps up efforts to boost gas supply  click on this link

Call you local politician and let them know how your feel….. get rid of useless politicians at the next election  and look after the future  for our children.

Corona Virus

The current corona virus is  still with  us and will be until we are all vaccinated.  All the anti-vaxers  need a wake up call to the fact that we in Australia are all dependent upon each other.  The latest Variant in south africa is striking hard and its only a mater if time  till it arrives in Australia , now that the borders are opening.    Lets all wake up and work together to defeat this pandemic so life can return to normal.   We can do it. We have done it before.  Remember the polio epidemic of the 50’s  and 60’s .   We beat  that and can do it agian.  Get vaccinated and protect your family and loved ones.    further reading

 In the meantime industry and the use of polluting fossil fuels has reduced ( november 12, 2020) , and given the world a taste of reduced pollution and global warming. With the return of the world to “normal” pre-covid19 conditions , industry will return to the unabated release of global warming gasses.  We have the chance now , in these tragic times, to  push governments to abide by the Paris agreement on climate change and use alternative energy sourccs such as Hydrogen.

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