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The Links BELOW : Our Company , Our Passion Statement, Our Inventions , Innovations and Using Hydrogen/Water  to Save Fuel 

1.   About Us at Hydrogenfuelsystems   —   Gavan Knox       about the Career, Interests, Aims and History of Gavan            Gavan is a professional Teacher, Physicist, Chemist, Engineer.       Gavan is the Proud parent of 6 wonderful children and Pop of Aoife, who has taught for 40 years and now strives to use his inventions to help control the causes of global warming….. reduce carbon dioxide and fossil fuel combustion exhaust emissions

Trawler "Mary Jane" Keith Dallow saves 25% Fuel , increase Power and torque
Trawler “Mary Jane” Keith Dallow saves 25% Fuel

2. About our Products      Brief overview of cleaner, more efficient systems manufactured     

Introduction to numerous Hydrogen systems and other Inventions of Gavan that can be used t save fuel, reduce air pollution and control global warming.

3. About our Agents in Australia and internationally      Australian and International agents     

Recently returned from a very successful trip to India for entering into a Joint venture with India to market my invention globally. 

SRKAY is an international company leading the use of Hydrogen gas India to reduce pollution and increase fuel economy from an internal combustion engine

India Trip to SRKAY with Alok
India Trip to SRKAY with Alok
Generation 15 system Mounted in welded steel box
Generation 15 system Mounted in welded steel box

4. Publications, Texts , Research References       Publications and international testing references / results for using Hydrogen generators with internal combustion engines

Hydrogen is a green fuel source that offers enormous potential in stopping air pollution and stopping global warming.  This has been extensively researched and worked on over the past 15 years by numerous international researchers and countries  – including the USA-  I have collected and listed many such research articles and proposed / implemented hydrogen generation methods / assemblies.

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