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Comparing the fuel efficiency performance of tyres

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Tyre Comparison



Australia does not currently have a system for rating and comparing the fuel efficiency performance of tyres. The Coefficent of Rolling Resistance (Crr in kg/t) is the recognised measure of tyre fuel efficiency.

The European Union has developed a tyre rating system that can rate the ‘rolling resistance’ of tyres, from A to G (best to worst). Wet grip and noise are also rated.

The Toolbox Tyre Comparison factsheet contains more information about rolling resistance and the EU Tyre Rating system.

Many tyres are now available in Australia that market themselves as ‘eco’ or fuel saving’ tyres. To select the most fuel saving tyre for your budget, ask your tyre retailer if they can provide you with the Crr Rating is of your various tyre options.

As a simple guide, common passenger tyres have a coefficient of rolling resistance (Crr), in kg/tonne, of around 12.0, and an ‘eco’ branded tyre tends to have a Crr of 8.0 or less. Use the calculator below to see how fuel use expenditure can vary between tyres of different EU Ratings and Crr values across passenger cars, trucks and buses.

Note that the Euro ‘A’ Rated tyres for passenger cars have a Crr value of 6.5; for light trucks 5.5 and buses 4.0.

Tyre Comparison

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