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About our Products

– Hydrogen Fuel cell Kits / HFS systems will  provide the people of the world with:

a)  a better fuel supply option  ,

b) a safer option  for fuel supplies,

c) a cleaner option and

d) a cheaper option than indiscriminately burning fossil fuels….

e) a more reliable fuel supply than the petro-chemical industry

f)  green hydrogen for producing electricity using hydrogen fuel cell technology. Hydrogen fuel cell technology  is an enormous improvement coal fired generator systems.

HFS systems will  provide the people of the world with Fuel Savings using the Hydrogen fuel cell Kit

Hydrogen injection into a diesel, petrol or LPG fueled engine saves fuel by-

1. allowing a leaner air/fuel mixture.

2. burning all the fuel  in the engine.

3. increasing engine efficiency, power output,  and reducing the “throttle” setting required to achieve the vehicle speed

4. stopping carbon buildup on the valves, piston head and cylinder head. Carbon buildup reduce engine efficiency by interfering with the air/fuel flow in the cylinder.

5.   increasing the rate of combustion of the fuel . The  flame speed of hydrogen 1800 times that of diesel and petrol. The entire fuel charge is burnt close to top dead center on the power stroke. – more power as expanding gasses work efficiently.

6.  hydrogen also allows increased compression ratio because of the ability of hydrogen rich gas to prevent knock (high octane/cetane).

7. the brake thermal efficiency is improved with the addition of hydrogen,  at lean conditions.


Cleaner Emissions

Hydrogen Fuel cell Kits – Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen injection into the engine, flashes  the fuel at a higher temperature allowing the fuel to burn completely. A leaner fuel mix produces less unburnt or partly burnt fuel/ hydrocarbons being passed out the exhaust.

Cleaner Engines

Hydrogen generator Systems

Using Hydrogen has  less buildups / coating on the valves, pistons and cylinder heads.  Lubrication fluids remain cleaner and in better condition for engine lubrication.

gen 20 systems in steel enclosure 2012
gen 20 Hydrogen Systems for Trucks and Gensets in steel enclosure 2012


Gen 20 hydrogen systems mounted in steel enclosures  32cm x 38cm x 29 cm- ideal engines greater than 8 liter capacity.on truck coogee chemicals


  1. This investigation establishes that hydrogen can be utilized in compression ignition engines operating them on dual-fuel principle.
  2. Such operation improves Chemical  thermodynamic efficiency, makes the engine run with very lean equivalence ratios, which means very low engine emissions.
  3. H.F.S. operation results in lower exhaust gas temperatures leading to longer live of components such as exhaust valves.
  4. When engine was run with hydrogen addition, B.P. was improved. The effect of hydrogen addition on the power enhancement was both quantitatively and qualitatively by the means of combustion improvement
  5. Further evidence and academic reports are available  by contacting Gavan on 0403177183  and glknox11@live.com

Click on this link  for Publications , text references and Authors concerning Hydrogen energy supplies:

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