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Hydrogen fuel systems Savings-Gen 10 and Gen 15 Hydrogen Kit


Hydrogen fuel systems Gen 10 and Gen 15 Hydrogen Kit mounted into a plastic and a steel enclosure box

Hydrogen fuel systems Savings-Gen 10 and Gen 15 Hydrogen Kit are now mig welded systemswhichdeliver savings of 37% to 44% as well as increasing increased power and torque
These units were upgraded in early 2019 and have proven to be a great product for work vehicles and family vehicles. They have been successfully tested in ARIA , India and proven to deliver excellent fuel savings as well as much lower emissions . They are used in India ,especially because they reduce emissions and so reduce carbon emissions that can and do lead to global warming
ARIA is equivalent to CSIRO in Australia and is a reputable government testing facility which tests all engines and vehicles sold or distributed in INdia
The Indian company promoting my inventions in India , known as SRKAY is also promoting the use of these Gen 10 and Gen 15 systems in Europe , through their office in Denmark.

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