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Other Products for Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Other Products for Hydrogen fuel systems. Welcome to our Product Catalog Page including our 4 sizes of Hydrogen fuel system complete kits (choose your kit based on the Size of the engine)

We also provide individual parts and supplies such as sealed 3 litre water reservoirs, Electronic fuel enhancer modules, Pumps, ammeters, switches, 30 amp relays, 30 amp circuit breakers, shunt resistors, bubblers, dry filters and more.

You will also find our new single cell setups here. Click on the item you are interested in to go to that products page and learn more, and purchase there or click the Quick Purchase tab and send a message of the parts you require so a quote can be sent to you to pay via bank transfer.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, or need help – feel free to contact us by

phone 61 0403177183, or

email glknox11@live.com

Prices have changed over the past 13 years the company has been operating, so to get the current price of the unit call or message me on 0403177183 or email me glknox11@live.com. We will promptly reply to you.

There are many good sources online showing scientific research into Hydrogen on demand systems

List of some available extra parts

3 Litre Sealed Electrolyte HDPE tank

Quad EFIE wide band Fuel enhancer module

Narrow BAND, MAP/MAF, Fuel enhancer module

Analog MAP/MAF fuel enhancer module

Digital MAF/MAP electronic fuel enhancer module

Diesel triple sensor MAP/MAF, AIT, CTS fuel enhancer

electrolyte for hydrogen gas production
Specialist electrolyte
Hydogen Bubbler unit
50 amp 12/24 volt circuit breaker
50 amp 12/24 volt circuit breaker
40 amp 12 volt relay
40 or 50 amp 12 volt relay
6 mm twin core double insulated cable
6 mm twin core double insulated cable
50 amp Anderson Plugs and Plug lugs
electrolyte for hydrogen gas production
Cable combination pack- cable, anderson plugs, circuit breaker, O-ring Lugs
Extra Anderson Plug lugs

50A anderson plug _ 5 m cable _ O ring lugs

pulse width modulator 300 watt
pulse width modulator 300 watt — 12/24 volt 30 amp

2000 watt PWM power supply

advanced 10 FET PWM unit minimizes energy loss
Latest FET 2000 watt Power supply—12/24 volt 50 amp
pulse width modulator 150 watt
pulse width modulator 150 watt

12 volt Extension x2m – Dual Core 50amp
Anderson Plug to 50amp Anderson Plug

ammeter-20 A
50 amp and/or 20 amp ammeters
heavy duty MULTIMETER
gen 10 checkerplate box 43cm x 30cm x 33cm
Secure Checkerplate lockable Aluminium Box 43cm x 30cm x 33cm
Gen 15 System hydrogenfuelsystems box
Secure Steel box Lockable 43 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm
steel box dimensions 43 cm x 25 m x 35 cm as shown in this Gen 15 system mounting
Gen 10 hydrogenfuelsystem in plastic
Plastic enclosure box 42cm x 21 cm x 33 cm

To order Parts Listed above send a message to Gavan at the following email address. Payment is via bank FTP , visa card or Paypal.

A quote to the price of component will be sent to you immediately and item posted to you by track-able/ registered express post

Email address – glknox11@live.com


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