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Date Topic
20 Sep Dihydrogen Monoxide FAQ
20 Sep Comedy is the Best Medicine-Donald Trump
15 Sep Fuel Saving Hydrogen Generator
09 Sep Testimonials Hydrogen Generator system
08 Sep Hydrogen and India
02 Sep The Future of the Hydrogen economy
21 Aug High Power Regulated Power supply for hydrogen systems
06 Aug Regulated power supply
05 Aug 1500 watt commercial  Power supply
05 Aug New power Supply/electrolysis cell combination
04 Aug New Combination High Power supply matched to new Hydrogen generator cells
01 Aug Further developments in regulated power supplies
14 Jul Renewable energy supply and carbon capture: capturing all the carbon dioxide at zero cost
16 Jun Renewable energy supply and carbon capture: capturing all the carbon dioxide at zero cost
11 Jun Hydrogen Test results for 3.6 litre V6 Commodore wagon used over A 4 week period driven in Perth City, West Australia
04 Jun The Future of hydrogen technology in energy storage and stopping Global warming
24 Mar Benefits of Individual Throttle Bodies
24 Mar How to Detect a Faulty Manifold Pressure Sensor
24 Mar How to Detect and Clean a Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor
24 Mar How to Clean or Replace a Faulty Throttle Body
06 Mar Hydrogen fuel system Power supply update
01 Mar HYDROGEN – Catalyst episode
28 Feb The National Hydrogen Roadmap provides a blueprint for the development of a hydrogen industry in Australia
28 Jan Regulated power supplies for hydrogen generator systems
19 Jan Hydrogen injection saves diesel engines – Popular Mechanics january 2019
03 Jan Future Of Global Hydrogen Generation Market to 2025
02 Jan Mosfet as a Hydrogen Fuel System Switch
01 Jan Mosfet switch Hydrogen Fuel Systems
29 Dec High Current DC switches for use on Hydrogen generator systems
28 Dec Client Questions and Answers regarding using Hydrogen Fuel Systems for cars, trucks generators, pumps
19 Dec Share trading methods using short term momentum trading to maximize profits
18 Dec Share trading methods using short term momentum trading to maximize profits
15 Dec Ten mistakes smart people never make twice
10 Dec Setting up a Hydrogen fuel system on your Vehicle
16 Nov Fault Finding Procedures for Hydrogen Generator Systems
09 Nov Televised interview with WTV (ABC), Perth, November 2nd 2018
30 Oct Hydrogen Fuel Systems New Agents wanted – excellent commissions
27 Oct Ground-Breaking Power supplies Massively Increase Hydrogen gas output
14 Oct Fuel savings – Fuel Map and Hydrogen on demand systems for engines
14 Oct Fuel saver system – gasoline, petrol, diesel, LPG
14 Oct Fuel saver – frequency multimeter – Tuning Gen 10 Hydrogen fuel system for maximum savings and increased Power
12 Oct help me 0403177183 and make this message go viral
05 Oct Fuel Saving Alternative Power supply connection trucking
03 Oct Fuel saver – Trucking Power supply Gen 20 to avoid bad connections
29 Sep FUEL SAVER Testimonial/ Reference report on hydrogen system from Gail Brennan Mid North Coast NSW
29 Sep Power supply (PWM) for the 1500 Watt Pulse width modulator power DC supply
2 Sep Fuel saver New Design Gen 15 Hydrogen Generator system
27 Sep Fuel saver – Hydrogen fuel system Gen 20 for Trucks, Trawlers and Gensets
27 Sep Twin Gen 20 Hydrogen fuel systems on a 15 Litre Diesel Powered Truck
26 Sep Hydrogen Excellent Economy saving 40% fuel costs on 3.6 L V6 Commodore
26 Sep Hydrogen Fuel system for trawlers, Boats and Gensets
22 Sep Future of Hydrogen as a global Fuel Source
17 Sep Be careful when wiring a system
24 Jul Fuel Saver -Secret report – Faults with Power supply relays —- Power supplies, Crimped  Connectors ,  Relay Solenoids  and dry joints
07 Jul Fuel saver Comparing the fuel efficiency performance of tyres
07 Jul Fuel consumption Guide for australian cars
17 Jun Fuel saver -Hydrogen system- Importance of secure strong Electrical Terminals and connections
14 Feb New Agents wanted… Excellent Commisions paid
03 Feb How Does hydrogen hho, fuel , power, thermodynamics, efficiency, Oxygen increase fuel economy in an engine
28 Jan youtube videos by hydrogenfuelsystems pty ltd
26 Jan Wideband Oxygen Sensors and Air/Fuel (A/F) Sensors
26 Jan Mass Airflow MAF Sensors
17 Jan Engine Air Temperature Sensor
17 Jan Wideband O2 Sensors and Air/Fuel (A/F) Sensors
09 Dec Improved Mosfet switching circuit for powering Hydrogen fuel system
24 Nov Improved power supplies
26 Oct Hydrogen Fuel Conversion and University research reports
23 Oct Ketones to combat Alzheimer’s disease
22 Oct voltage regulator power supply for hydrogen fuel systems