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Hydrogen system Resources, Photos, Reports, Instructions

1. Resources, Research Reports, Photos, and Instructions 

photo and video gallery,    available systems, installation instructions,    electronic fuel enhancers ,    fuel saving spreadsheet,   enhancer tuning,  Electrolytes,    University Reports,    Trucking setup and schematic diagrams

advanced wide band EFIE module
Advanced Wide Band fuel enhancer module
1500 watt PWM power supply 7
1500 watt PWM power supply

Fuel enhancer and High Power PWM system setup

2. How do Hydrogen Systems improve engine economy and operation pdf,

Misconceptions,    How hydrogen works in an internal combustion engine (link)

Gen 15 single and twin system trucking

3. Installation instructions- Hydrogen Fuel Systems – Petrol/ gasoline / Diesel engines

Detailed instructions and diagrams,    venting,        servicing system

Gen 15 in 4.2 Litre Utility
2 kW PWM power supply

Twin Gen 20 systems mounted in stainless steel box
Petrol/ Gasoline EFIE Unit
Petrol EFIE modifies sensor signals to select leanest fuel map
Trawler "Mary Jane" Keith Dallow saves 25% Fuel , increase Power and torque
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is truck-Gen-20.jpg
15 Litre Truck with Twin 20 Systems attached
advanced 10 FET PWM unit minimizes energy loss
2.5 kW Power supply
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