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Servicing HHO System for use on cars, trucks generators and boats/ shipping

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Following are the instructions for Servicing HHO System  as used by trucks and cars using the HydrogenFuelSystem pty ltd system for hydrogen Generation

  1. One litre of water should last 15 hour s of continuous operation.
  2. Add Distilled water to recycling container to bring it to the full mark –8cm from top of tank.
  3. After 3 months of operation, the liquid should be flushed out and drained. New/Fresh solution should be used.
  4. For trucks and other engines using a 24 volt and 30 amp, supplying one litre of water should last between 5 to 6 hours of continuous operation.
  5. Concentration of 11 grams per litre equates a pH of 13.6. This is the ideal concentration of the solution in the system
  6. In order to make up the solution the ideal way is to make a concentrated solution of potassium hydroxide by dissolving 50 grams in 150 mls of water.
  7. With the system running , slowly add small amounts of the concentrated solution to the recycling tank until the current flow in the system measures 20 amp. This is a time consuming process and time shhold be allowed to mix the potassium hyrdroxide solution thoroughly before adding more electrolyte .  The complete operation should take 5 min to set up. Unused Potassium Hydroxide should be stored and disposed of safely through  your local city AUTHORITY.  Do not pour  it into nito the  garden  or down the drain as is is very poisonous chemical and pollution should be avoided.  iF YOU only make up small of electrolyte is can safely be kept for the next cycle when you flush out the system and make a fresh electrolyte .
  8. Once operational only water needs to be added to fill the reservoir up to the level of 8 cm from the top of the recycling container

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