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Videos of Hydrogen Fuel cells


March 31-2020 High-power Gen10 Hydrogen fuel cell in Aluminium enclosure

Videos Hydrogen fuel Cells. 

Generation 10 Hydrogen fuel system mounted into an Aluminium enclosure box-
The new generation 10 hydrogen fuel cell Is now designed to be more compact and robust for Off-road and On-road conditions.
The enclosure box measures 43 cm x 30 cm x 33 cm high and it’s ideal for mounting both Gen 10 systems as well as Generation 15 and Generation 20 systems

Videos Hydrogen fuel Cells

New Innovative power supplies have increased the output of the cell as well as decreasing energy losses of  the regular 600 W power supplies.
The generation 10 system mounted into the Aluminium enclosure box.  This Is ideal for situations where the hydrogen generator is exposed to extreme weather conditions and to stop corrosion.
This Generation 10 unit is Suited for engines under 4 L in capacity. It produces far more than is required for 4 Litre engines and is never pushed to 100% duty cycle.
To increase the output of the unit,  a 1500 Watt power supply or the 5000 W power supply can be used.
These units can be powered by 12 V or 24 V.
More information can be found by contacting me through my email glknox11@live.com Well through my phone 0403177183

More details and youtube video are seen on the following webpage — click here


New Gen 10 Hydrogen fuel system in plastic enclosure 

Videos Hydrogen fuel systems,  Gen 10 Hydrogen generator system are used by many clients achieving fuel savings between 37% and 44 % and increase in Power and torque on their vehicles.  This system is further  upgraded and  uses Mig welding of the  SS316L  electrodes/ plates as well as an upgraded Power supply.

The power supply Uses High speed / High energy MOSFETS that reduce waste energy and convert more electrical energy into chemical energy.   Call me on 0403177183 to learn more of our ongoing developments .

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1.  August 2019 Gen 10 and 15 systems Aug 4 2019 for Indian Govt. Market

Recent Gen 10 and Gen 15 systems as now being used by the Indian vehicles in Mumbai and Pune , designed to reduce the emissions and increase the  fuel economy of the larger polluting vehicles . Unlike Australia, many commercial vehicles and transport vehicles  in India use smaller petrol and diesel fueled engines up to 6 and 8 litre capacity.  Australian trucks typically use engines between 8  and 16 litre capacity.

Video from “Innovate Australia Hydrogen Conference”  October 2018

In October 2019 a group called Innovate Australia held a number of conferences to bring together people and groups who are working on hydrogen technology. This  was aimed at bringing WA technology an economy up a scale.

Hydrogen is one of the fuels of the future and an important energy source to fight the global warming Issue.  The conference was attended by many inventors and in particular the production of Green hydrogen   More information on this conference is seen by opening the following link

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2.   Channel 44 WTV presenter Bass Tadros, interviewed Gavan

-Hydrogenfuelsystems,  Tuesday November 6 2018 –   “Undercurrent” where he outlined his logic, motivation and  research methods used to develop innovative hydrogen on demand  systems.

3.   THIS Will CHANGE Everything You KNOW…! (2018-2019)

Channel to the 41 youtube videos by hydrogenfuelsystems pty ltd

Check out other videos from  hydrogenfuelsystems australia and see how they are arranged for use on Trucks, Cars, Mining equipment, Farming Engines Gensets, Boating, Trawlers and Shipping.

4.  Gas production from early model Gen 20 system 2013

These were the first systems to use the special patented high pressure pumping systems  coupled with multi-directional jetting and one way collection chambers to prevent bubble backwash from reducing the efficiency of the electrolytic system

6.  2018.     Twin Gen 20  systems  mounted onto a 16 Litre Cummis powered  truck 

has  2 separate 20 litre stainless steel recycling tanks  mounted onto vertical exhaust support.  Gen 20 systems are housed in a stainless steel enclosure box and connected to tanks using stainless steel 316 fittings and pipes.  Two 1500 watt power supply units mounted in the red tool box adjacent to stainless steel enclosure box delivers 30 amp and 12 or 24 volt to the Hydrogen generator cells. Each power supply has its separate 12 / 24 volt 50 amp circuit breaker and relay unit as well as ammeter mounted in the red tool box.  Gas from the recycling tanks is delivered to the air intake Y  junction at the base of the twin air intakes.  Typically this truck is hauling twin trailers  with Gross weight of 100 tonne.  Savings reported between 15% and 20 % depending on route taken … hilly of level terrain

7. Progress on producing a better Power supply module for the Hydrogen Generator system .

  The New Power supply Unit is a 12V / 24 V system that uses 7 MOSFETS switches to efficiently control the current flow , without wasting electrical energy as a means of controlling any back voltage.  Considering all PWM power supplies are actually designed as DC motor controls that do have an inductive back voltage, while electrolysis units have no back voltage , then the USE of a PWM as a current control circuit is a  waste of energy and money proposed by the “FREE ENERGY” Pseudo Scientific “Witch Doctors” with nothing more than a primary school education.

8.   2015   Cat powered 16 Litre trucks — Kenworth with twin Gen 20 systems 

mounted into the space beneath step  on passenger side of Vehicle. Recycling tanks mounted onto framework into rear of cabin

9.  2014     ….. Twin Gen 15 systems to power a 12 litre Cat Powered truck

10. Gen 15 systems Aug 4 2019 for Indian Govt. Market

11. Gen 10 systems Aug 4 2019 for Indian Govt. Market


Trucking system for a 16 Litre Cumins powered Heavy haulage truck

Gen 15 system designed  for engines 4 litre to 8 litre capacity.. heavy haulage vehicles and 4WD.

Photos of systems fitted to Trucking Units 15 and 16 litre CAT powered and Cumins Powered


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