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Hydrogen Kits for cars under 4.5 liter capacity – Gen 10 Systems in steel , aluminum and plastic enclosure

  • The Plastic enclosure System 10 measures 42 cm x 21 cm x 35 cm and weighs 12 kg… This system has a Electrolysis plate area of 6400  sq cm and is Stainless steel 316L
  • Electrodes  are laser welded and powered by a 2500watt  power supply
  • System is ideal for engines to4.5 liter capacity although I have clients wit 7.9 L diesels using this system to tow their motor homes
  • System is also available in lockable steel of checker-plate aluminum enclosure box measuring 43 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Recommended Current is 25 amp  12 volt  or 24 volt.   Multiple testimonials on this site can prove the effectiveness of These Patented hydrogen kits.   This Model Kit is now  marketed internationally through international JV.  Successfully tested at Scientific Testing laboratories ARIA
  • Systems must be fitted using a 30 amp circuit breaker

Gen 10 Hydrogen Generator system

Gen 10 in aluminium 2018
Plastic enclosure box 42cm x 21cm x 33cm (1)

Plastic enclosure box 42cm x 21cm x 33cm (1)   

11 QUAD-EFIE-for-4-O2-Sensors-choose-Wideband-or-Narrowband
11 QUAD-EFIE-for-4-O2-Sensors-choose-Wideband-or-Narrowband

MAP/MAF electronic fuel enhancer module

1 Narrow-band-sensor-MAP_MAF

1 Narrow-band-sensor-MAP_MAF

gen 10 hydrogen generator system

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