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Patented Fuel Efficient System

Hydrogen fuel systems Savings.     Increase the fuel economy of the engine.      Patented and  Proven System.

Cleaner Engines

Run the engine cleaner, better and smoother with less internal wear  Increase engine lifespan


Increase Usable Power/ torque – Reduce Fuel usage.    Increase the fuel economy of the engine

Cost Effective

Reduce maintenance costs , less fuel used , short payback period

Power Efficiency

Deliver increased Power/Torque at Lower RPM

Longer Lasting

Robust, Tough construction with High quality Stainless steel 316 and High density Polyethylene.  Increase system lifespan

Hydrogen Generator Home Introduction

Australian Owned, Designed , Manufactured  and Patented  (2012261768) Hydrogen Fuel Systems savings patent number (P2061AU01). Increase the fuel economy of the engine.

The innovative design of this Hydrogen Fuel System reduces emissions, increases  available Power. It improves engine operation due to its improved Chemical Thermodynamics efficiency and much  faster flame speed using Hydrogen.

Many Satisfied Clients report H.F.S.  systems deliver savings of between 37% and 51%  — Australia and Internationally –

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