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Hydrogen kits Save Fuel , Increase Power, Reduce Emissions

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PATENTED Hydrogen Fuel System – number P2061AU01

Hydrogen kits Save Fuel, Increase Power. Hydrogen fuel systems are designed to produce maximum volume of Hydrogen Gas to Improve the Mechanical efficiency and Chemical Thermodynamic Efficiency of the an internal combustion engine
These systems force an engine to develop more power using less Diesel, Petrol (Gasoline), or LPG fuel buy burning all the fuel at or close to the top of the power stroke of the engine.Burning of Fuel at the end of the power stroke and out the exhaust is wasted fuel and does nothing but overheat the engine and damage the environment
Burning Hydrogen with Fuel reduces the temperature of the combustion process so as to produce less nitrous oxide gas …… which is produced by High temperature burns.Burning hydrogen reduces fuel used and reduces the volume of carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide produced