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 Save 37% Fuel,         Use Hydrogen /Water,         Increase  Engine Torque,    Increase Engine  Power

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Systems


Increase Usable Power/ torque – Use less Fuel.    Reduce engine operating costs

Cost Effective

Running unit quickly pays for itself  – Hydrogen-Fuel-Savings 


Deliver increased Power/Torque at Lower RPM

Longer Lasting

Robust, Tough construction –  Stainless steel 316L – High Density Polyethylene.  Increase system lifespan

HHO GENERATORS FUEL SAVING HHO KITS ……Designed by University Qualified Engineering Research Scientist/ Teacher

Dyno Report_Results on Engine Performance details using Hydrogen dual fuel in trucks

The Gen 10 Hydrogen Car System

Perfect For 4 and 6 Cylinder Engines Up To 4.2 Litre Engine Size

The Gen 15/20 Hydrogen Car /Truck System

Made Especially For 4, 6, 8 and 10 Cylinder Engines 4.3 to 8.0 Litre Engine Size

The Gen 20 Hydrogen Trucking System


Gen 20 Systems for Pickup trucks and Heavy Haulage trucks to 19 Litre capacity Engine size

Gen 20 Systems and Gen 15 Systems for Gensets (185kVA)

Combination Gen 15 or Combination Gen 20 Systems for Mining , farming Gensets  (185kVA)

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Reduce Fuel costs Using Hydrogen

Tired of spending so much money in fuel? Would you like to save up to 34% of the amount you spend today? Stop spending so much money in fuel Now there is a hydrogen fuel system that allows you to reduce the fuel consumption in your car for a very low cost.  By simply mixing engine fuel with the hydrogen which is produced in your vehicle by a process called electrolysis. The Hydrogen Gas / HHO gas  produced  enters the engines combustion chamber, via the air intake prior to the manifold. Here it mixes with your usual carbon based fuel (petrol, diesel, lpg) and and enters the Cylinders where they are both ignited. In some engines the gases safely pass through the turbo charger before entering the cylinders. Using hydrogen with regular diesel, petrol/ gasoline , or LPG, results in carbon based fuel burning  better. Adding Hydrogen increases the Engine Combustion Efficiency This  Reduces Fuel Consumption and the volume / mass of pollutants released in the exhaust.   HFS Hydrogen systems are simple and Easy to use and Install using the detailed Installation instructions provided

Our Hydrogen Technology

Extensive Tests were carried out by reliable vehicle testing institutes,  to test the influence of the addition of Hydrogen gas to the air  intake manifold of a direct injection diesel engine. Research shows is that the addition of Hydrogen improves the combustion efficiency process due to the superior combustion properties of hydrogen in comparison to conventional fuels. Research Report By FIESTA details dynamo-meter test results on INVESTIGATION OF THE EFFECTS OF HYDROGEN ADDITION ON PERFORMANCE AND EXHAUST EMISSIONS OF DIESEL ENGINE.  Test show the  savings achieved by using a small amount of Hydrogen- oxygen mixture added to the an engine.

First Hydrogen installation in 2007

We combine ultra-efficient, standardised and modular alkaline electrolysis technology with an on-site production approach to bring affordable hydrogen production to those requiring it for vehicles, industrial facilities and more.

Hydrogen Car Conversion

Our hydrogen Systems come with instructions to make your supplemental hydrogen generator installation smooth and enjoyable. Our hydrogen car kit/System is designed to deliver ease of use and dependability. We also provide our customers with technical support (if needed). Our HHO kits come complete with everything you will need to get you down the road to better fuel economy. With a vehicle that is fuel injected (most vehicle 1996 and newer are) you may choose to modify your vehicle’s computer to improve KPL gains. Don’t let this deter you, we carry products for hydrogen conversion kits. We also carry a MAP or MAF Sensor enhancer units  for both voltage and frequency based MAP or MAF sensors, and an Electronic Injection Fuel enhancer module (EFIE) for oxygen sensors. The EFIE and MAP sensor enhancers will allow you to manually adjust the signals directed towards your vehicle’s computer to modify the settings for the best KPL.
Twin Gen 20 systems mounted in stainless steel box
Gen 15 System hydrogen fuel systems steel box Fuel consumption Guide for Australian car
Gen 15 Hydrogen kit assembly 2013
Gen 15 Hydrogen kit assembly 2013

Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Systems

  1. Brilliant Australian  Designed, Patented Hydrogen Fuel Systems.  (P2061AU01).
  2. Three  designs  for  1. Cars  2. Work Vehicles 3. Trucks and Trawlers.
  3. TestimonialsHydrogen Fuel Systems/Kits Savings.
  4. Stop Global Warming from Carbon Dioxide emissions.
  5. Improvment of the PERFORMANCE of a spark ignition engine by USING HYDROGEN.
  6. TEST RESULTS :  “Effect of HHO gas on combustion emissions in gasoline engines”.
  7. Australia’s National  Hydrogen Strategy

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