Clients report Save up to 34+% Fuel and  Increase Torque/Power up to 25%

Proudly Australian Patent number 2012261768  —   ACN 153603108

  • Hydrogen on demand is a system using electrical energy  from the battery/ alternator to power a series of electrolysis cells.  With Normal fuel 1/3rd of your fuel is wasted at end or power stroke out your exhaust. 
  • Not even advanced Internal combustion engines are capable of using the complete burn needed for a full energy release during the combustion process. 
  • The result is unspent fuel being released into the atmosphere and your bills skyrocketing as fuel prices continue to rise. Hydrogen is the global need for alternative clean burning Fuel.
  • HydrogenFuelSystems Injection Technologies utilize Hydrogen produced from water as a supplemental fuel source. Each litre of water produces enough supplemental  fuel to last over 1500 km. 
  • On demand supplemental hydrogen fuel systems area available  for all 1960 or later diesel , Petrol or LPG fueled vehicles. with an emphasis on long haul open road vehicles.  Safe , injected Hydrogen on demand systems enables a virtually complete , instantaneous fuel burn. releasing all potential energy, reducing greenhouse gases, carbon and particulate matter from entering the atmosphere.
  • Vehicles using Hydrogen Generator kits  , are on the road today delivering enormous fuel cost savings and cleaning the environment.

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Cars                          Trucks and Marine                      4 Wheel Drives

Gen 10 Hydrogen Generator system

Generation 10 and 20 Hydrogen Generator Kits

Video :   Trucking Application of Hydrogen  Kits Stops Wasting Fuel

This is not a DIY installation. For Warranty Systems must be fitted by a qualified Tradesman / auto electrician



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Extensive University and ARIA tests were carried out on our Hydrogen Generator kits to test the effects of adding Hydrogen gas to the air intake of a  Diesel engines, Petrol  and LPG fueled engines.

These Results shows adding Hydrogen gas greatly improves an engines performance, power and efficiency. 

Hydrogen speeds up  combustion of fuel when Mixed with Hydrogen,  Providing the Required Power close to the top of the power stroke,

– not out the exhaust or end of the power stroke 

– therefore less  fuel is required to get the Power to reach a speed.

How does a Hydrogen Generator kit work?

By using the power of your vehicle alternator, we break the bonds within the molecules of  water to make Hydrogen and Oxygen – sometimes called HHO gas.

HHO gas is the most potent and calorific fuel in nature.  When  Hydrogen HHO gas  is added to air intake  where it mixes with regular fuel and both are ignited  making the combustion of fuels  complete and efficient

–  kits for cars, trucks, Boats  and Gensets


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