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Hydrogen fuel cell system

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Hydrogen fuel cell kit -Fuel Efficient System

Savings.   Increase engine fuel economy.  Brilliant Patented, Proven System (P2061AU01).

Cleaner Engines

Run the engine cleaner, better and smoother with less internal wear  Increase engine lifespan


Increase Usable Power/ torque – Use less Fuel.    Reduce engine operating costs

Cost Effective

Running unit quickly pays for itself  – Fuel savings spreadsheet link

Power Efficiency

Deliver increased Power/Torque at Lower RPM

Longer Lasting

Robust, Tough construction –  Stainless steel 316L – High Density Polyethylene.  Increase system lifespan

Please read following links

HYDROGEN FUEL Cell Australia-Hydrogen fuel cell

1. Brilliant Australian  Designed, Patented Hydrogen Fuel Systems  (P2061AU01).

2. Three  designs  for  1. Cars  2. Work Vehicles 3. Trucks and Trawlers.

3. Testimonials link — Hydrogen Fuel Systems/Kits Savings.

4.  Stop Global Warming from Carbon Dioxide emissions.

5.  Must READ Blog  “Effect of HHO gas on combustion emissions in gasoline engines“.


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