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The Best Hydrogen Kits Save Fuel, Increase Power, Reduce Emissions

What makes Our hydrogen systems Superior than other Dry cells out there

PATENTED Hydrogen Fuel System – number P2061AU01

Timing of Combustion

Burning Fuel at the end of the power stroke and in the exhaust is wasted fuel and does nothing but overheat the engine and damage the environment

How Does HHO Gas Work in your Car?

Inside the engine there are pistons moving rapidly up and down at a constant rate, generating the power for the cars motion. When a piston lowers it creates a vacuum which draws in fuel and air (Intake). When it rises, it compresses the fuel (Compression) and the spark plug ignites it (Power). An engine will ideally only fire the piston when it has completely reached the top of the combustion chamber. However, most engines fire earlier and doesn’t burn the fuel completely. This creates inefficiency, increases consumption and creates pollution.

When the Hydrogen HHO Kit gas mixes with your fuel, the piston will be able to compress it completely before it ignites, and the extra hydrogen allows the fuel to burn more efficiently reducing the amount of waste (emissions). This also adds a bit more power to the engine, which increases its efficiency and improves your kms per liter.

Hydrogen kits Save Fuel

hydrogen fuel systems in action showing the fuel savings and increased Engine Power


Reduce Fuel Consumption Using Our HHO Technology!

Hydrogen kits Save Fuel.

Tired of spending so much money on fuel? Would you like to save up to 30% of the amount you spend today and reduce the pollution of your truck, car or campervan (CO, CO2, SOx and Nox)?

Now there is a system that allows you to reduce the fuel consumption in your car at a very low cost. Simply use your normal fuel mixed with the hydrogen generated in your own car in a process called electrolysis. The Hydrogen HHO gas produced is then directed toward the engine´s combustion chamber, via the air intake manifold, where it mixes with your usual carbon based fuels (Petrol, Diesel, LPG) and there both are ignited. This allows your carbon based fuel to burn better increasing the Combustion Efficiency, thus reducing fuel consumption and the amount of pollutants released in the exhaust. HHO kits are simple to use and you will be able to install it in your car without the help of a mechanic.

Research in Hydrogen has shown that hydrogen supplemental fuel engines require less fuel and produce less carbon emissions. (View full text)

Our Hydrogen Technology

Experiments were carried out to evaluate the influence of the addition of HHO gas (hydrogen+oxygen obtained electrochemically from the water) to the air in the intake manifold of a direct injection diesel engine. Research shows is that the addition of HHO/Hydrogen gas can improve the combustion efficiency process due to the improved combustion properties of hydrogen in comparison to conventional fuels.

Research Paper at FISITA* describes the dynamometer test results of a study where a small amount of hydrogen-oxygen mixture, produced by the hydrogen-oxygen generator is added to the intake of a diesel engine or petrol fueled engine

Hydrogen kits Save Fuel for cars, trucks , boats & generators.

* FISITA (The Federation Internationle des societes d’lngenieus des techniques de l’automobile) is the umbrella Organization for the National Automotive Societies in 38 Countries around the world. 

Our Product Advantages 

1. Reduce your fuel spending up to 30+%. This is valid for both highway and town (city) driving conditions. 

2. Increases the power torque and performance in your Vehicle. Once you switch to supplemental hydrogen, it will enhance power , torque and performance in your car.

3. Reduces the engine CO2 emissions. Eliminating polluting gases and other harmful residues that our car engines produce. This Benefits the environment besides saving money?

4. Reduces the combustion temperature in the engine reducing NOx output. Also improves engine life-span.

5. Removes the carbon residues/Tar inside your engine and prevent future carbon deposits.

6. Lower noise and vibrations in the engine. Hydrogen effect in the combustion cycle. The higher combustion efficiency engine will make the car sound much quieter than it was before.

7. Hydrogen Increases the lifespan of your engine.

Converting your car to Hydrogen HHO

Supplemental Hydrogen fuel system is easily reversible. You can easily Put your vehicle back to the using only your usual normal fuel without any problems Your vehicle performance will return the pre-hydrogen fuel systems operation without problems or a decrease in values or performance.

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