Hydrogen kit Videos

Hydrogen kit Videos

Gen 10  System powering a 7.3 L Detroit Diesel Towing a Caravan mounted in tray of Truck = 30% savings …. Ian Collinson

September 2023 Promotional video from Our International  Group Kitech Hydrogen

Latest Model Gen 15 System mounted into NEW DEWALT Tough Box 3.2 litres /min at 13 V and 26.2 amp August 11 2023

Gen 15 Hydrogen fuel system mounted ideal for work vehicles, trucks, marine and mining applications 12V / 24V 30 to 50 amp - 3.2 to 4.0 LPM
Gen 15 Hydrogen fuel system  for work vehicles, trucks, marine and mining  – 12V / 24V 30 to 50 amp – 3.2 to 4.0 LPM
  • Generation 10 Hydrogen fuel system mounted into an Aluminum enclosure box-
  • The new generation 10 hydrogen fuel cell Is now designed to be more compact and robust for Off-road and On-road conditions.
  • The welded enclosure box measures 43 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm high and it’s ideal for mounting both Gen 10 systems as well as Generation 15 and Generation 20 systems

New Innovative power supplies have increased the gas output as well as decreasing energy losses.

Generation 10 system in aluminum enclosure box - welded and lockable... 12 volt and 30 amp .... 3.2 LPM ouput cars and small work vehicles.... rhobust and high output with little wasted heat
Generation 10 system in aluminum lockable enclosure box – … 12 volt and 30 amp … 3.2 LPM ouput 

The generation 10 system mounted into the Aluminum enclosure box.

Hydrogen Generator in an Aluminum enclosure box  is ideal for marine and exposed  weather conditions.

The Generation 10 Hydrogen generator is designed for engines up to 4.5 L Capacity

For More Hydrogen gas output, a 1500 Watt or a 2500 Watt power supply  is available .high power constant current regulated power supply

Recent Testing (May 2023) has reported savings of using Our Hydrogen Systems on a New 8 litre  diesel Powered Truck that has the latest (2023) Emission standards. This Truck has improved Fuel economy of 31% as well as massive improvements in the emisions of Particulate matter, Hydrocarbons, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrocarbons, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monixide.

“Coogee Chemicals” Trucking video –   click here

Can Hydrogen be used to make electricity   YES  Click here to see HOW

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