Hydrogen kit Videos

Hydrogen kit Videos

Hydrogen kit Videos. March 31-2020 High-power Gen10 Hydrogen fuel cell in Aluminum enclosure

Videos of Hydrogen systems

Generation 10 Hydrogen fuel system mounted into an Aluminum enclosure box-
The new generation 10 hydrogen fuel cell Is now designed to be more compact and robust for Off-road and On-road conditions.
The enclosure box measures 43 cm x 30 cm x 33 cm high and it’s ideal for mounting both Gen 10 systems as well as Generation 15 and Generation 20 systems

Hydrogen kit Videos

New Innovative power supplies have increased the output of the cell as well as decreasing energy losses of  the regular 600 W power supplies.
The generation 10 system mounted into the Aluminum enclosure box.  This Is ideal for situations where the hydrogen generator is exposed to extreme weather conditions and to stop corrosion.
This Generation 10 unit is Suited for engines under 4 L in capacity. It produces far more than is required for 4 Litre engines and is never pushed to 100% duty cycle.
To increase the output of the unit,  a 1500 Watt power supply or the 5000 W power supply can be used.
These units can be powered by 12 V or 24 V.
More information can be found by contacting me through my email glknox11@live.com Well through my phone 0403177183

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