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What We Do at hydrogenfuelsystems

To Start with below are a list of the information most clients request of the Hydrogen fuel systems in 2021

Save 34% of fuel  and reduce the Emissions of your Truck , car or campervan

The Hydrogen generated is added to the air intake after the air filter.  It mixes with your diesel or petrol  fuel before entering the engine cylinder and burning.

Complete combustion produces more power with less fuel. 

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1.   HHO Products Page8. Installation Instructions for Systems– Diesel fueled
2.   HHO Resources Page 9. Research information and Latest News on developments
3.   Generation 10, 15 and 20 systems Page10. Installation Instructions for Systems– petrol fueled
4.   Engine Performance using Hydrogen11. Spare parts and ordering
5.   Hydrogen Kits for cars, trucks and boats12. Schematic Diagrams
6Available Posts13. Cleaning and maintenance
7. Agency and resellers application forms14Application of Hydrogen as a fuel supplement report


What makes Our Hydrogen Systems Superior to  other Hydrogen cells out there – CLICK HERE

This is another frequently asked question- a (27/04/2021)

Gen 15 Hydrogen system mounted in a welded steel enclosure Running at at 25 amp and 24 volts . 

Gen 15  system Easily Generate 2.8 L/min and was designed to use on 4 liter and 9 liter capacity vehicles.  

Gen 15  system uses laser welded  electrodes to increase the the cell efficiency and stainless steel 316L electrodes, terminals and nickel plated cable glands. 

Welding the plates increases the cell efficiency and reduces the internal resistance of the cell , reducing wasting electrical energy loss as heat.

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Gen 15 systems inserted into a ford campervan increases fuel economy and power 

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