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What We Do at Hydrogenfuelsystems

What We Do at hydrogenfuelsystems is to develop methods to increase engine efficiency , and economy as well as reduce emissions from cars, Trucks, marine, farming and mining applications

We have Developed and Commercialized Patented Hydrogen fuel systems that combine with Diesel, LPG  or Petrol to burn faster at the top of the power stroke deliver the required Power using much less fuel .

Complete combustion produces more power with less fuel. 

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In the Future Hydrogen stations will be common place where drivers can fill their tanks with clean, high energy, enviromentally friendly Hydrogen to power their electric cars, trucks , boats.

In the Meantime Hydrogen Genertrors,  by HFS – installed on  vehicles are used to save fuel, reduce emissions and save the  planet



What makes Our Hydrogen Systems Superior to  other Hydrogen cells out there? – CLICK HERE

Gen 15 Hydrogen generator kit mounted in a welded steel enclosure  (43cm x 30cm x 33cm)

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Gen 15 Hydrogen generator Kit – Retiree, Kevin Brookes Installed on his ford campervan – increases fuel economy and power, and range for camping. ” In outback West Australia , fuel stations are a day apart and hydrogen gives you the security of knowing you can travel deep into the “bush” and have plenty of fuel to return to civilization.   The hydrogen booster system means you can get away from the “rat race” and safely enjoy the Serenity of the Australian outback”. The West Australian outback is beautiful in winter, especially now, June 19, 2022.

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