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What sets our Products apart

a) patent document, b) fuel enhancers, c) installation instructions, d) system models ,
e) photos , f) applications, g) HHO Products, h) Kits,
i) Inventions and Videos

Details of our Generation 10, 15 and 20 Hydrogen fuel systems

a) types of systems, b) water consumption, c) PWM power supply units,
d) patented pumps , e) chemical etching, f) enclosure boxes

Hydrogen Kits for your car

a) kits for use on cars, b) trucks, trawlers, c) shipping, d) generators, e) mining and f) farming.
HHO Products, Kits, Latest Inventions and Videos

Videos about HFS

a) Videos and applications of our systems, b) TV interviews about our systems,
c) international market with HFS, d) youtube videos


a) Pumps, b) Constant current (multi FET) Power supplies, c) Electronic fuel enhancers, d) Welded steel enclosure boxes,

e) Welded aluminum enclosure boxes, f) relays, switches, ammeters, voltmeters, circuit breakers,

g) custom made stainless steel boxes and tanks

Heart of the Gen 15 Generator system which Boasts a stainless steel 316L Plate Area of 14,400 square cm and can easily handle currents of 50 amp plus – recommended current 25 amp

Generation 15 cells , prior to mounting in enclosure, composed of stainless steel 316L electrodes which have been electo-chemically etched to improve stability, lifespan and productivity. Stainless steel terminal with nickle cable glands and electrodes MIG welded . Strong, Secure, Robust construction. Inert Space age HDPE plastic construction cell enclosure.


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