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What sets our Products apart

  1. Our systems are high producers that dont waste electrical energy as Heat
  2. Our systems use the defined oxidation- reduction voltage of water to use the correct number of cells to generate hydrogen .
  3. By having too many cells reduces the  voltage per cell so that all you produce is  boiling water…. not hydrogen
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Details of our Generation 10, 15 and 20 Hydrogen fuel systems

All designed systems  maximize the gas production , reduce heat, maximize the  hydrogen gas flow rate by having  –

  1. different systems for different capacity engines
  2. match water consumption to hydrogen volume required,
  3. Use PWM power supply units to stop wasting electrical energy,
  4. Us high  pressure pumps to increase electrolyte flow rate ,
  5. use chemical etching to protect cells,
  6. Use sealed protective enclosure boxes

Videos about HFS

https://hydrogenfuelsystems.com.au/product/secure-heavy-duty-welded-steel-box-lockable-43-cm-x-30-cm-x-35-cm/Company was founded in 2007  producing  High efficiency  Hydrogen Kits —-New developments loaded onto youtube.com 

Videos include  

a) Videos and applications of our systems,

b) TV interviews about our systems,

c) International market with HFS,

d) youtube videos

Parts available from the Shop - buy using paypal or credit card

Parts are available for hydrogen kitsfor people wishing to build their own systems.

These parts ( in the shop) are cheaply priced and include 

a) Pumps,      b) Constant current (multi FET) Power supplies,     c) Electronic fuel enhancers,     d) Welded steel enclosure boxes,     e) ammeters,     f) cable and wire, plugs and diecast boxes,     g) chemicals ,     h) Bubblers,     i) Welded aluminum enclosure boxes,     j) relays,     k) switches,     l) 50 A ammeters, voltmeters,  m) circuit breakers,     n) Custom made stainless steel tanks  and enclosure boxes


The Gen 15 Generator system uses  stainless steel 316L.

The Electrode Plate Area of 14,400 square cm easily handle currents of 50 amp – recommended current 25 amp

Generation 15 cells  are electro-chemically etched to improve stability, lifespan and productivity.

Stainless steel terminals use nickle cable glands.

Electrodes are Laser welded . Strong, Secure, Robust construction.

Inert Space age HDPE plastic construction cell enclosure.


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