Installation  Instructions  and operation Manual


Click on the link below to open the installation Instructions and Operation Manual for our Hydrogen fuel Systems

It should be noted that these instructions are shown  for us by the K20, K30 and for the K40 Hydrogen systems.  Saarthi Green Tech Hydrogen

is the international  branch of Hydrogenfuelsystems  – the  that is authorized and licensed to sell the our patented system to the international community.   These units are known as K20, K30 and K40 systems.  

Saarthi Green Tech Hydrogenis registered in Singapore .

The same instructions are used for the Gen 10 systems , Gen 15 Systems and Gen 20 Systems.    The only difference being that the Gen 10 systems , Gen 15 Systems and Gen 20 Systems. should be setup using 30 amp circuit breakers and 40 amp relay Units.

The Units shown in this instruction manual specifically show the Gen 20 system , as used on Trucking vehicles in Ausralia.

Setup Manual and installation link

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