Installation Instructions for HFS system cars, trucks, gensets

Installation Instructions for HFS system – trucking,  cars, gensets

This document / page is all  about Installation Instructions for HFS system – cars ,trucks  – petrol , diesel or LPG fueled engines.

The instructions  for Gen 10 , 15  systems are MOSTLY the same as for the  Gen 20, K30 and K40 systems .

Gen 10 and Gen 15 systems use 12 volt/30 amp circuit breaker and a 12 volt/40 amp relay unit.  Gen 20, K30 and K40 systems instructions are the same   

Installation Instructions for HFS system  

Bubblers / flashback arrestors must be always used with with Hydrogen systems from Hydrogenfuelsystems pty ltd to prevent flashback or backfire . 40 amp Circuit breakers must always be installed on Trucking systems and 30 amp circuit breakers used on all other vehicles engines.

Above is the link to read how to install the Hydrogen generator systems on your car or truck.  These instructions are a PDF file document. It is advised to print out the document and carefully read before attempting the installation.

For more information or to clarify any aspects  on the installation of these patented Hydrogen Generator kits send me a message  to,  .

Operational Instructions for a HFS  trucking System

  • For trucking , Gen 15 and Gen 20 Systems must be fitted using a 40 amp circuit breaker

  • Systems must be fitted with a 45 amp relay switch to isolate the the hydrogen  system so that it only runs when the engine is running

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