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Image Gallery for hydrogen generator systems is a Collection of hydrogen fuel systems and accessories over the past 14 years of company operation. 

These Hydrogen systems have been Australian patented and shown to deliver city driving fuel savings between 37% and 44 %.   

A few clients report savings of 51% when operated for most of the time  on open roads. 

  • Bob B. has reported fuel savings in his Nissen 4WD of 51%, driving on open road in Australian outback .
  • Client Keith B has reported savings of 45% plus in his 4.2 L Utility  , driving on country open roads , between country towns in West Australia.
  • Trucking groups report savings of 20% + and an increase in Power and torque . The trucks  are driven both country and city .  Drivers report using hydrogen injection is “Like having an extra Gear” when driving up steep inclines pulling a fully loaded truck.

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