Massive Fuel Savings of 36% March 27 2023

Installation Manual Hydrogen Generator kit Fuel Savings 36%+

Further Road tests have been completed by our international Joint venture partners on our Gen 10, Gen 15 and Gen 20 Hydrogen systems, on vehicles being driven in High Density Traffic in a major City, Pune,  India.  With a population of 5.95  million, traffic flow is slow and roads are congested.  This equates to normally poor fuel economy and large emissions from engines – diesel and petrol.

The Road testing procedure has been completed and has shown the Hydrogen fuel systems  , running at 12 volts and 28 amp, has produced a 36% saving on 4 litre vehicles used  commercially.

The results are very significant  for any city use , but especially for congested city driving scenario  where fuel usage is even higher that in Australia where open road driving and highway/ motorway  driving is not congested / stationary for most of the day.  

Driving in much less traffic congestion on Australian Roads must produce fuel savings much greater than the 36% result that has been reported from our international partners.

These road testing  results achieved without using any electronic Fuel enhancer modules which alter the fuel mapping of EFI engines  and force the vehicle to save even more fuel.  This is an excellent result .  The Next stage is to conduct  real , on road  testing using the electronic fuel enhancer modules to further improve the fuel economy of the vehicles on Road.

We chose to use on-Road testing of our systems rather than laboratory testing of vehicles as it gives a more accurate , more reliable set of results of Vehicles fuel economy  in the real world.  

More information of the vehicle test setup conditions , specifations , photos and results is currently being tabulated and will be published on this site as a Post and a webpage link on in the next few days.

Click on the link below to open the installation Instructions and Operation Manual for our Hydrogen fuel Systems

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