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Adjustable Power Supply 0-48V 60A | DC Voltage Regulator  July 5 2024



Stable power supply units for Hydrogen generator circuits are one of the most important components of  Hydrogen generator system used on cars, trucks, marine and mining applications .  Environmental conditions , Especially in Australia, Make the continual operation of these systems a major issue.  In outback Australia , in mining , trucking  and generators the ambient temperature fluctuations expose the electronic circuits controlling these Power supplies to conditions which lead to their complete failure.  Heat and Dust  is not a friend of any electronic circuit.  Over the past 14 years we have managed to overcome these issues of heat and Dust, using a highly efficient Multi MOSFET Power supply with 12 separate Heat sinks as well as enclosing the Power supply into a watertight sealed diecast  Aluminum power supply box .  The diecast  Aluminum power supply box seals the power supply as well as acting as an excellent heat dissipator , protecting the heat sensitive electronic components. 

We have chosen to control the Power supply using Power MOSFETS, rather than Power BJT transistors  to make the systems  more stable and more efficient .   Power MOSFETS are voltage switching devices  that use and generate little wasted heat , while Power BJT transistors are current controlled devices and are exposed to and waste lots of heat in their operation.

The Power MOSFET systems we developed are still heat sensitive because of the IC components and the heat sinks used make our power supplies excellent in all conditions.

We have continued to work on improving our patented hydrogen generator and have developed a simple and very efficient Power supply unit  which has fewer sensitive  electronic components but achieves improved power generation and reduced wasted electrically generated Thermal energy.

A video of this system is seen on the following YouTube clip

The latest Model Power supply locks in the current at 29 amp , for a  Gen 10 Hydrogen generator system  , and 38 amp for a Gen 15 and Gen 20 Hydrogen generator system.  This Power supply wastes very little electrical energy as thermal energy and is easily mounted into the Diecast aluminum Power supply box. 

Instead of using complex electronic circuitry to Run the Hydrogen Generator system, a Modern Power MOSFET circuit controls and acting as  Voltage switch efficiently controls the Current generating more Hydrogen from the Hydrogen generator system

This is a a powerful dc voltage regulator. From which we can get a supply of up to 48 volts 60 amps. It requires very few components to make and anyone can make it at home. This is a very good circuit for driving a DC motor. The following parts are required to make a high power regulated power supply.

IGBT FGH60N60 ( 60A 600V )

Preset 10K

Resistor 1K 1/4W


Thermal paste



Power MOSFET voltage regulator
Power MOSFET voltage regulator
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