Fuel savings Excel spreadsheet

Fuel savings Excel spreadsheet.

Fuel savings Excel spreadsheet. Use the “Fuel savings” Excel file below calculate the time taken for a Hydrogen system to pay for itself in fuel savings.  Type in your –

  1. Current Fuel Price
  2. Days per week engine/vehicle used
  3. Litres used per day
  4. Projected Savings %
  5. if a Electronic Fuel Enhancer is required- optional
  6. If an Aluminum Enclosure is wanted for the system
  7. the number of units you wish to purchase
  8. the type / model of hydrogen generator and listed price

Using this information the spreadsheet can calculate the projected savings and therefore time time to recover costs.

Savings are the the reason for buying these hydrogen systems but we must also consider the environmental advantages.  For if we ignore the impact of fossil fuels and continue to burn petrol and diesel, then life eon earth will soon cease . On the other  hand use hydrogen and save the  planet

Contrary to the ignorant opinions of Donald Trump who bases his judgments on hunches  and gut feelings, fossil fuels are the primary cause of global warming.

And what should we do?

The following link is a  excel spreadsheet and is used to show  you your possible savings


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