Kevin Brooks Sept 2021 Gen15 Hydrogen Generator saves fuel

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 Sent: Monday, 6 September  2021 7 AM

To: Gavan Knox

Subject: latest model Hydrogen fuel system


Hello  Gavan

Hydrogen Generator saves fuel.  We set up the new Hydrogen fuel system Gen 15 on the new campervan and successfully ran the unit through  through Northwest up to Broome.  We have the new  gen 15 hydrogen system set up and running at 26 amp and using one litre of water every 13 hours.   We will keep tweaking the system but are very happy  with the performance and reliability

I am averaging 8.0 L per 100k when the vehicle  is carrying 500kg of camping equipment , water food and fuel on the bush roads between the isolated gold mining Ghost towns  of WA.   I am using Unleaded fuel  (I was worried I couldn’t get enough fuel out here but the hydrogen gives me a much larger range between required fill-ups) Last week we travelled on sealed roads up to Newman towing my trailer  and achieved 7.5 L/100K for 526km total  39.5 Litres  at the refill.

I will keep you updated on my travels through the outback and send a few photos of the special sights out here .

kind regards

Kevin Brooks

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Monday, November 15, 2021

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