MAP / MAF engine sensor operation and engine efficiency- March 29

MAP / MAF engine sensor operation and engine efficiency- March 29 2024

The following video (linked here) is an excellent report on the operation of the MAF / MAP sensor of a diesel or Petrol  fueled engine and How the signal from the sensor can be adjusted . So as to increase the fuel economy  / power / torque on an internal combustion engine.  This video does a good job of explaining how the  MAP / MAF sensor of your vehicle is able to control the operation and fuel efficiency of a vehicle with electronic fuel injection.  It also explains, in detail , how to check and replace a faulty system that maybe robbing you fuel with you being aware.

For optimal performance, any vehicle with HHO installed should have their MAF and MAP sensors checked to ensure they are working  as designed.

It’s a reasonably long video but well worth listening to in full.


For many makes of vehicles simply running a hydrogen gas injection is sufficient  to provide excellent improvements in economy, Power and engine Torque.  There are some vehicles that can achieve even better improvements by adjusting the signal / voltage  / frequency of the sensor readings from the MAP / MAF sensors of a vehicle. 

In many cases the MAP and MAF are analog 5 volt sensors which can be easily adjusted using a simple electronic  circuit as  found online or by calling me on 0403177183 and seen on my webpage “shop”

The only issue with adjusting the MAP , MAF or Oxygen sensor readings of your vehicle is that if te adjustments made are too extreme , the vehicle computer may see these adjustments as a fault leading the car computer to switch to limp  mode, which requires you reset the vehicle computer with a  appropriate switch.  Admittedly this is not a problem really as the OBD2 switch is a simple device and procedure to operate

Many times an vehicle is not achieving good fuel economy simply because the MAF  / MAP sensor of the Vehicle is faulty and not working correctly  – A faulty sensor will deliver incorrect sensor readings to the Engine ECU .  This may make the engine run rich, with low Power & / or torque.   A new MAP / MAF sensor will definitely solve the problem .  Alternately, a simple electronic MAF / MAP sensor enhancer may solve this problem .  It is best to make sure all the sensors controlling the Engine ECU are working  correctly to start with

In the case of vehicles which have digital / Frequency Based MAP / MAF  sensors, an Simple electronic device is available  that converts / alters the frequency of the MAF sensor signal so as to improve the engine fuel economy, and performance.

For More information contact Gavan on 0403177183

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Friday, March 29, 2024

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