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Who is Gavan Knox?


Hydrogen for Health  –  ground-breaking report

Gavan is the father of 6 children (Photo of third daughter 2008) , Husband of Karen a d Pop of Aoife

Director of Hydrogen fuel systems P/L and Kitech Hydrogen (singapore registered)

A Senior Teacher of Chemistry, Physics , Mathematics  and Engineering – a University researcher and Inventor

Hydrogen systems fitted to Trawlers Australia

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions (TV Interview  – 2018)

Carbon Dioxide emissions are destroying our childrens Future  

Future of Hydrogen fueled vehicles

In the Future Hydrogen stations will be common place where drivers can fill their tanks with clean, high energy, enviromentally friendly Hydrogen to power their electric cars, trucks , boats.

In the Meantime Hydrogen Genertors,  by HFS – installed on  vehicles are used to save fuel, reduce emissions and save the  planet

Gen 15 Hydrogen Generator kit in Dewalt Box
Gen 15 Hydrogen Generator kit in Dewalt Box

Gen 15 Hydrogen fuel System- India 2019

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