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Who is Gavan Knox?

Gavan is the Dad of 6 children (Daughter 3 photo) Husband of Karen and Pop of Aoife.

Gavan is a Teacher, Physicist, Chemist and Engineer who  has taught Physics for 40 years and promotes his Patented inventions to help control global warming.

4th Generation Australian Scientist of  Strong Irish Heritige (County Cork)

Give CHILDREN a Future —- Reduce carbon dioxide emissions 

Interactive Fuel savings Speadsheet

About our Products

Brief overview of cleaner, more efficient systems manufactured

Introduction to numerous Hydrogen systems and other Inventions of Gavan that can be used to save fuel, reduce air pollution and control global warming.

Excellent Credible Academic Report on:

1. Outstanding Fuel savings,
2. Increased Engine Performance of using Oxy-Hydrogen with Diesel engines

Interactive Fuel Savings spreadsheet

About our Agents in Australia and internationally

Australian and International agents

Recent successful trip to India , entered into a Joint venture with India to market my invention globally.

SRKAY is an Leading Indian International Company using Hydrogen to reduce pollution and increase fuel economy from an internal combustion engine.

Publications, Texts , Research References

Publications and international testing references / results for using Hydrogen generators with internal combustion engines – SEE recent POSTS

Hydrogen is a green fuel source that offers enormous potential in stopping air pollution

Hydrogen is extensively researched and adopted over the past 15 years by numerous international Companies

Here is listed POSTS Numerous research articles and proposed / implemented hydrogen generation methods / assemblies.

Video Gen 15 Hydrogen fuel System for Indian Contract

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