About our hydrogen Generator kits


Our hydrogen Generator kits are now used Internationally

About our hydrogen Generator kits. Hydrogen Kits from hydrogen fuel systems have delivered excellent fuel savings and increased engine performance– see test results

Hydrogen Generator Assembly  Layout—- All Systems

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PATENTED  (2018)    – Hydrogen Generator kits

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Hydrogen Fuel Systems  Patent Number 2012261768  (P2061AU01)

Pollution from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels is a major risk to all our children’s planet and their lifestyle. Air Pollution can be rectified by using Hydrogen fuel technology.

H.F.S.  founded in 2009, and now internationally used and accepted (Joint Venture – Saarthi GreenTech Hydrogen – Singapore).— Reporting 31% savings on  New 7.2  Litre Diesel Truck used in Congested Heavy Traffic Pune – April 2023 

Current negotiation (2023) with many third world countries will see the patented Hydrogen systems used to Reduce Fuel Usage, +   Increase engine Power and Torque,  and Reduce Emissions

About our hydrogen Generator kits

About our hydrogen Generator kits–The Future of Clean Hydrogen in Australia – 

Recent testing of Our Hydrogen kits on NEW 7.2 Litre Diesel Trucks , driven in Heavy, Congested City Traffic – Pune, Report  31 % fuel savings and massive reduction in Emissions. ( april  20 , 2023)

Properties of Hydrogen  and Gasoline 

In China, and now India  / Singapore  (new JV 2022-Saarthi GreenTech Hydrogen), my Patented Hydrogen Kits are widely accepted and used on transport Vehicles.   Saarthi GreenTech Hydrogen catalogue 2023     (previously known as Kitech  Hydrogen) 

Hydrogen fuel systems pty ltd,  abbreviate as HFS, – registered 2009. 

HFS provides Hydrogen fuel systems for international clients  in China (Dr Zhu), USA,  India, Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, UAE, New Zealand –  for

1. Trucking

2. Farming

3. Marine

4. Mining

5. Cars

Clients report savings between   37% and 51% ,  increased Power and reduced emissions – see the testimonials link–  hydrogen fuel cell Australia.

Official Documented Emissions Testing report massive reduction in  Particulate matter, Hydrocarbons, Nitrous oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Sulfur Dioxide , produced by internal combustion engines,

Today august 29 2020 , Client , Agent and Friend Mr Kevin Brookes met me to report on the success of the installation of the new Gen 15 system to his new ford wagon/ utility /camper-wagon…  35% savings travelling to outback WA ghost-town goldmining settlements

Testimonial November 2022 Nissen Navara – Perth – Bree Johnson 

Future Directions of Hydrogen Fuel Systems Australia

Our Gen 15 Hydrogen Systems

Our Hydrogen systems use tuned electrolysis systems that Minimize the percentage of electrical energy wasted as Heat

Each System size if specially designed and Built to use High pressure fluid flow over the total Area of the electrodes to maximize the diffusion coefficient of the plates , minimize the time bubbles are attached to the plates, reduce cell resistance and increase the output gas flow from plates.

Gen 15 Hydrogen system in Tough-box plastic enclosure

Gen 15 Hydrogen system in Tough-box plastic enclosure

"Toughbox" dewalt for Gen 15 Hydrogen systems
“Toughbox” dewalt for Gen 15 Hydrogen systems

The Future of Fossil fuel usage

Governments of the world have accepted  that the burning  fossil fuels must be phased out in our transport systems , if we are to survive. 

We must encourage our federal government to work with state governments who are promoting the use of alternative energy, in particular hydrogen.

For more information on Australia steps up efforts to boost gas supply  click on this link

Call your local politician and let them know how your feel….. get rid of useless politicians at the next election and look after the future for our children.

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