Gen 15 Hydrogen fuel system

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Gen 15 Hydrogen fuel system in Dewalt Toughbox 2

The latest model off the Gen 15 Hydrogen system is now mounted securely into a Dewalt toughbox2 measuring 53 cm x 34 cm x 35 cm high. Originally we have mounted these systems directly into the Dewalt Box  walls , where they operated excellently generating 3.6 Litres of HHO gas per minute at 12.6 volt and 29 amp.

So as to make the system more suitable for trucking applications and heavy duty 4 wheel drive applications we have improved the system by mounting all parts onto a steel frame.
The steel frame is made of 2 mm thick mild steel .

The assembled system on the steel frame  is then lowered into and firmly secured to the base of the Dewalt Box. Ths type of assembly offers the toughness and resistance of a HDPE plastic Dewalt tool box as well as the rigid security of the 2 mm thick steel frame.

The Steel frame allows all components to be securely mounted onto a rigid frame .  Mounting the steel frame assembly into the Dewalt Toolbox , allows all parts of the system to me easily serviced. 

The Plastic HDPE frame of the toolbox absorbs and vibrations form the vehicle as well as providing a tough box that can absorb impact loads without damaging the internal hydrogen fuel system cells , pump or electronics.

Dewalt Tough-box 2  assembly is a thick HDPE plastic enclosure  which can be easily sealed and locked with three locking points .  It is suitable for this system as it has sufficient air space within to prevent overheating and is therefore perfectly suited to the Arid Australian outback conditions for Trucking , Mining and Farming .  

This system is ideal for work vehicles, Generators, Trucks and Mining and Farming equipment with engine capacity to 10 litres.   For larger engines two or more of these units can be connected together to provide the required gas output.   This model system was recently used in Road tests on a 2022,  27 tonne , 7.2 litre Diesel truck and produced savings on 31% and 32%.  (see webpage report)

Photos below show the 2 mm thick steel frame onto which the Hydrogen Generator system components are mounted.  This steel frame is then lowered into the Dewalt Tough-box whch is coated with a thick layer of Sikaflex .  This Bonds the assembly to the box base.  

The Adhesive Sikaflex was used as a bonding agent because of its shock absorbing / flexible / compressible nature and high binding strength .

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Gen 15 Hydrogen fuel system new mounting for Dewalt ToughBox2  – click here to see video

Views: 305

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