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1. improve the thermal stability,

2. increase the gas production mass flow rate,

3. improve the Power supply efficiency and “longivity”,

4. stop electro-stripping of electrode,

5. make the systems more robust in off-road conditions,

6. Reduce current load on the engine,

7. make unit safer to make flashback resistant,

8. MIG weld electrodes to reduce cell resistance,

9. LASER weld Electrodes to further improve conductivity.

10. Laser welded steel and aluminum enclosure boxes more robust.

11. Specialist electrolyte development protect plates and greater gas production

COMMON FAULTY “NEUTRAL PLATE Design” units are not and cannot be patented as they make Steam NOT Hydrogen. If you want Steam,  Buy a KETTLE – its cheaper than the Neutral plate unit.

Patented Hydrogen fuel system was lodged 2012 and modified 15 times during the testing period


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