What are our Hydrogen Kits

WHAT ARE OUR HYDROGEN KITS at hydrogen fuel systems pty ltd

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2.   Hydrogen Kits for cars, trucks and boats

Hydrogen is the smallest simplest Most common Element in the Universe. For those of you with a scientific mind and a love of Physics , who are interested in what makes up Hydrogen, the following link is Interesting reading – The Particle adventure

Hydrogen the most abundant element in the Universe is continually being added  to the earth by cosmic radiation – Cosmic radiation produced by Supernovae explosions , and high energy protons emitted from stars including our Sun.  Charged particles (Protons) react with the earth’s atmosphere to produce secondary radiation which reaches the earth.- Hydrogen gas is produced.

Interesting discovery is Bizarre Cosmic Rays Are Shooting Out of Antarctica.

Continue reading at https://news-intel.com/bizarre-cosmic-rays-are-shooting-out-of-antarctica/ | News Intel


How Hydrogen reduces Fuel consumption    – click here

1. Tired of spending so much money in fuel? Would you like to save up to 34% of the amount you spend today? Stop spending so much money in fuel
2Hydrogen fuel system reduce the fuel consumption By mixing engine fuel with the hydrogen which is produced by  electrolysis.
3The Hydrogen Gas / HHO gas enters the engines , via the air intake mixes with your fuel (petrol, diesel, lpg) and are both ignited in the cylinder.
4The HHO gases safely pass through the turbo charger without igniting.
5Using hydrogen with diesel, petrol/ gasoline , or LPG, makes fuel burning  better.
6Hydrogen increases the Engine Combustion Efficiency and  Reduces Fuel Consumption
7Hydrogen reduces pollutants released in the exhaust.  
8. HFS Hydrogen systems are simple and Easy to use and Install – a. detailed petrol Installation instructions  – b. Diesel instructions – c. Diesel enhancer Instructions

1. The Gen 10 Hydrogen Car System

Perfect For 4 and 6 Cylinder Engines Up To 4.2 Litre Engine Size

2. The Gen 15/20 Hydrogen Car /Truck System

Made Especially For 4, 6, 8 and 10 Cylinder Engines 4.3 to 8.0 Litre Engine Size

3. The Gen 20 Hydrogen Trucking System

Gen 20 Systems for Pickup trucks and Heavy Haulage trucks to 19 Litre capacity Engine size

4. Gen 20 Systems and Gen 15 Systems for Gensets

Gen 20 Hydrogen systems with 1500 watt power supplies

5. Gen 20 Systems and Gen 15 Systems for Gensets

185 kVA Genset powered by Gen 15 hydrogen system

We combine ultra-efficient,  electrolysis technology with an on-site production approach to provide affordable hydrogen production  –   for vehicles, industrial facilities and more.

With a vehicle that is fuel injected you can adjust your vehicle’s sensor readings and improve fuel economy with Hydrogen    

We Carry  Electronic ECU fuel enhancer products for hydrogen conversion kits. 

16 litre volvo truck powered by hydrogen

Climate change is a major topic affecting every living thing on earth I have links to Australian Institutions “350 Perth“ reporting  on  climate change topics . 

These reports can be accessed by clicking on the following link for “350 Perth”… click here

To keep climate action the #1 issue in Australia before, during and after the federal election, the 350 community is coming together for Convergence: a critically important training that will bring together the 350 community all around the country for skill-up sessions. 

Emma Blaesel is coming to Perth from Melbourne to deliver the training.  This will be a great opportunity to grow our skills, workshop together, and forge important connections with other local leaders who want to create real change.

We’ll hear from inspiring speakers, the voices of people facing climate impacts in our own community, and like-minded peers who are ready to fight for a #FossilFree world.

Road Testing Results

A. Dyno and  Road Tests  Prove the addition of Hydrogen gas to the air  intake of a direct injection diesel engine saves fuel

B. Tests shows Hydrogen improves the combustion efficiency  because of the superior combustion properties of hydrogen 

C. For DETAILED dynamo-meter test results on Preformance and Emissions of Diesel Engine . –  click here

Work Applications – Link- click here

Hydrogen Car Conversion + links 3. and 4. below

1. Our Hydrogen Systems come with detailed instructions to make your supplemental hydrogen generator installation smooth and easy.

2. Our hydrogen car kit/System is designed to deliver ease of use and dependability.

3. Our HHO kits come complete with everything you will need.

4. We also carry a MAP or MAF Sensor enhancer units and Electronic Injection Fuel enhancer module (EFIE) for oxygen sensors.

5. The EFIE and MAP sensor enhancers adjust sensor signals directed for the best KPL.

6. Clients and international authorities report Hydrogen Fuel systems increase the Power and Torque of an engine

 7. A 10 LITRE ENGINE PRODUCED  maximum power increase and fuel





control panels in front or Twin Gen 20 Hydrogen systems
control panels in front or Twin Gen 20 Hydrogen systems

savings when applied to a system delivering 1.8 litres of hydrogen per minute. 

electrical control panels n tanks in front or Twin Gen 20 Hydrogen systems
electrical control panels n tanks in front or Twin Gen 20 Hydrogen systems
Hydrogen kits Save Fuel, Increase PowerHydrogen fuel systems are designed to produce maximum volume of Hydrogen Gas to Improve the Mechanical efficiency and Chemical Thermodynamic Efficiency of the an internal combustion engineThese systems force an engine to develop more power using less Diesel, Petrol (Gasoline), or LPG fuel buy burning all the fuel at or close to the top of the power stroke of the engine.Burning of Fuel at the end of the power stroke and out the exhaust is wasted fuel and does nothing but overheat the engine and damage the environment
Burning Hydrogen with Fuel reduces the temperature of the combustion process so as to produce less nitrous oxide gas …… which is produced by High temperature burns.PATENTED Hydrogen Fuel System – number P2061AU01Burning hydrogen reduces fuel used and reduces the volume of carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide produced
HHO Hydrogen kits Save Fuel ……Designed by University Qualified Engineer/ Research Scientist/ Physicist/ Teacher, and a Proud Parent or 6– Gavan  KnoxSend me your email or sms and I will notify you of developments and recent innovations    glknox11@live.com   61 0403177183

Recent developments Producing  Superior Hydrogen kit Power supplies

Older style PWM current control circuits only use 3 FETS and waste enormous amounts on electrical energy as heat.Latest development 11 FET constant current Ultra high Power PWM supply

Using a 10 FET square Wave constant current GENERATOR does away with wasted electrical energy producing unwanted heat, and generates more hydrogen gas from the Hydrogen fuel system


Extensive on road Tests India (ARIA) revealed massive reduction in emissions and increase engine fuel economy

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