What Sets Our Products Apart

What Sets Our Products Apart

What Sets Our Products Apart?  Our H.F.S.  Hydrogen Patented Product hho is designed to use all the available electrical energy by using a series of three PATENTED double electrolysis cells.

As a result , these three cells use 4.4 Volt each running at 18 amp so that 13.2 volt (battery voltage ) is used in total.

Therefore no wasted voltage / energy / power. High speed jetting and porting , together with the SPECIALIZED Patented electrolysis cartridge , increases system efficiency therefore producing more Hydrogen gas.

What Sets Our Products Apart.

  Because of the greater efficiency means less electrical load to produce the desired volume of gas for your engine – which is 12.5 % to 20% of the engine capacity in liters / min – a 4 litre engine needs 500 to 800 mls of hydrogen gas per minute.

What Sets Our Products Apart.  Other manufacturers are all based on the same inefficient design using “Neutral” plates rather than individual cells , to break up the applied voltage into six 2.2 volt steps. The NEUTRAL PLATE arrangement DOES NOT WORK and produces massive OVERVOLTAGE HEATING water to boiling point.

Patented Hydrogen system

Hydrogen Patented Product HHO.  Our systems use PATENTED High pressure pumping systems to produce turbulent flow or water past the plates which allows a MUCH WEAKER SOLUTION to be used as well as making the system much more efficient making more gas with less HEAT. IN comparison  other poorer systems use Buoyancy to circulate the water, which is slow, inefficient and generates MORE HEAT and LESS GAS. Simply put a more effective and efficient system is attained by using high pressure high volume pump.

Patented High Power regulated Power supply prevents electrical energy Being wasted as heat.  Produces more useful electrical energy for the electro-chemical cells and produces 25% more Hydrogen gas using less energy than with the PWM power supplies.   PWM power supplies are also at risk of overheating with resulting thermal runaway especially a problem in warm to hot environments.

What Is a Hydrogen-Boosted Gasoline Engine

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Use the “Fuel savings” Excel file below calculate the time taken for a Hydrogen system to pay for itself in fuel savings

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4.  Accepted Patent Confirmation 

Patent details

Our Hydrogen Fuel Systems cater towards cars, trucks, busses, boats , generators, pumps etc. HFS systems are well suited to any vehicles or engines that are powered by petrol, diesel or LPG. Consequently , Large companies, Small Business owners and the average Customer can achieve savings using the HFS system to assist fuel their diesel, petrol or LPG fuelled engine.

Our company was founded in 2007 , when working at University on a project to extract precious metals from catalytic converters . We chose Hydrogen reduction as a method of extracting platinum and gold from a aqueous solution. We then further developed this technology as a means of Powering typical family vehicles , in particular my 2006 V6 Holden Commodore.

Gen 10 Electrolysis System hydrogen fuel systems

Through a number of developmental stages I Improved the productivity of the system so that We reduced the thermal energy loss by setting up 6 cells arranged into three enclosures using all the available applied voltage in the reduction process in 6 2.2 volt steps – no wasted voltage – no wasted energy and minimal excess heat generation

This system developed into the Gen 10 system for vehicles up to 4 litre capacity and is powered by a 600 watt power supply that can handle 30 amp max at voltages up to 24 volt

gen 10 hydrogen generator system kit aluminuium checkerplate box

The Next step was the development of a larger system for use in work vehicles with engine capacity up to 8 litre capacity. This system developed into the Gen 15 system designed to provide hydrogen gas at a rate of 18 % the engine capacity measured in litres per minute

The Gen15 systems are much bigger and designed to produce much more gas using currents up to 30 amp.

Gen 15 System hydrogenfuelsystems in steel enclosure

The latest mode Gen 15 electrolysis cell is shown below and as can be seen has three larget booster cells that weigh 19 kg . The Unit is powered by a 1500 watt constant current PWM power supply that can handle up to 50 amp at 24 volt

Gen 15 systems are ideal for work vehicle and off road conditions

Gen 15 Electrolysis unit hydrogen fuel systems

The latest Gen 15 units a much like the advanced Gen20 systems used in trucking . They can be easily combined in parallel to provide larger volumes of gas for large trucking and Gensetsetc

These Units are housed in steel and aluminium enclosure boxes – 420 mm x 300 mm x 330 mm high .,,,,, an are best suited for medium to heavy duty vehicles and trucks

Hydrogen Electrolysis

Electrolysis splits the molecular structure of water,Hydrogen On Demandwhich separates into hydrogen and oxygen molecules producing HHO Gas. This hydrogen gas is then supplied to your engine through your air intake manifold. There, it increases the flame speed during the combustion process.

When the flame speed is increased, more of the fuel is burned through the power stroke and the exhaust stroke. In turn, helping you burn your fuel more efficiently. This causes a great reduction in unburned petroleum being expelled from the engine as pollution.

The added combustion of the hydrogen gives you more horsepower, and ultimately a reduction of gasoline to run your engine saving you fuel. Your engine will run calmer, smoother and cooler making your engine last longer.Hydrogen On Demand It also greatly reduces your emissions by cleaning out the carbon deposits in your engine, about 50%, sometimes more.

The combustible gas mixture produced is generated as needed and not stored on board the vehicle, hence the name “Hydrogen on Demand”. Which makes it very unique from other types of alternative energy.

Because the HHO gas is being used as it is created, it is safer than vehicles that store hydrogen liquid. It is also more environmentally friendly than hydrogen fuel cell cars.

What really sets hydrogen on demand apart, is with all the millions of vehicles on the road, you can convert them into hydrogen hybrid cars now and have a hydrogen engine with just the turn of your ignition key.

This Article Is Meant To Explain The Basics Of HOD

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Coogee chemicals with 2 Gen 20 systems mounted in alloy box mounted  rear of cabin, Stainless steel recycling tanks  2 x 20 Litre

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