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The Hydrogen systems we manufacture have been designed from valid chemical engineering principles as well as Theoretical Physics and Electro-Chemistry I employ in my work as Science Researcher and Teacher. There are many innovative aspects of my patents which as designed to increase the productivity of the patents , while reducing the waste of input electrical and Chemical energy. Other patented innovations Increase the longivity or lifespan of the systems and reduce the need for replacement servicing of invention parts.

There are several inventions on alternative energy products which are still patent pending, which will be released to the market once patent is approved

System Specications

Gen 10 System and Gen 20 System are  mounted into

1.  plastic enclosure made of HDPE – 42 cm x 23 cm wide  x 33 cm high,


2.  steel and aluminum enclosure box –  43 cm x 28 cm x 33 cm high.

Gen 15 Electrolysis tripple cell unit hydrogen fuel systems to be mounted into a system
Gen 15 Electrolysis unit hydrogen fuel systems

The Gen 15 system in mounted into

3.  steel or aluminium enclosure box –  43 cm x 30 cm x 33 cm (high)

All systems are supplied with

a.    HDPE plastic, 3 litre water/ electrolyte bottle

can be easily replaced by

b.   larger storage container to suit your needs.  The larger container is supplied by the client to match their  needs.

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