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Installation of these Hydrogen fuel systems should be done by a QUALIFIED  Auto Electrician  to make sure it is done correctly, safely and efficiently.  This is not a DIY system to install, even though the installation instructions are shown in webpage – installation  for diesel fueled engines  and Installation for  petrol /LPG fueled engines.

I have had numerous calls over the years for addresses on installers. Living in Perth , I have limited knowledge of installers  – Australia wide – and will be now  building a list of recommended installers  to help clients Install these systems on their Cars, Trucks, 4 wheel drives,  Generators , Farming and Mining equipment

This is a new post on the webpage designed to help clients find  suitable qualified installer  for our PATENTED Hydrogen fuel systems.  Installers are qualified and experienced Automotive Electricians. I will be collecting qualified  installers and listing  them now  on this page.  I will update these details new installers frequently:

Any Automotive electricians who wish to be added to this list contact me on 0403177183.



Phone number

Joshua LamontNimbin , Northern Rivers , Northern NSW 2480  matrixregen@protonmail.com0418918485
Dean Mooney13 Toll Gate road, Oak Beach , Queensland 48770424652208
Dean Mooney941 Main Arm Road, Main Arm , 2482 
Alan West Queensland0467956249
Wally LoomesToodjay WA0410554483
Robert EvansMelbourne city, Victoria0417578286


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