How do Hydrogen Systems work

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How do Hydrogen Systems work in cars, trucks and boats

How does Hydrogen improve engine economy and increase power output?   Hydrogen Systems work

I get asked this question a lot.    How do Hydrogen systems work?     How do Hydrogen systems save me money?  How do hydrogen systems make my engine run better?

And yet, this is the most important point to understand if you want to make your car more fuel efficient using this technology. The underlying physics and chemistry/ chemical thermodynamics of this subject can be very complicated, but fortunately the basic concepts are very few and extremely simple.

Hydrogen gas mixed with petrol or diesel fuels increases the rate of burning by a factor or 1800 and increases the percentage of the fuel which is burnt and reduces the wasted fuel the is lost through the exhaust or wasted in passing through the “Rings” damaging the lubricating oil.


Many people think that we are generating Hydrogen so we can burn it, and that burning this HYDROGEN adds so much power. People think  we get better fuel mileage. In actual fact, this is not the case. To prove this point, lets this a step further. There are 3 energy conversions at work
 Mechanical to electrical (the alternator generates electrical energy)
 Electrical to chemical (the cell makes hydrogen from electro-chemical energy)
 Chemical to mechanical (the Hydrogen burns in the engine to make mechanical energy)

Hydrogen Systems work

The problem is that there are 3 energy conversions occurring here, and each one loses some energy.  This is in agreement with the third law of chemical thermodynamics. It is a basic fundamental of physics that in any conversion of energy from one form to another, there is going to be some loss.
Unfortunately there is no such thing as 100% efficiency. In some of these conversions there is quite a bit of loss. If this is all there was to the picture, then the system would actually lose mileage. I’ve seen this mistaken idea expressed in magazines and on television news coverage to prove that Hydrogen on demand doesn’t work.

There is a remarkable simplicity to this technology. If you add HYDROGEN to your engine, you will get an increase in combustion efficiency.

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Key Question and Answer:    How does Hydrogen work in  Internal Combustion Engines

How do Hydrogen Systems work

Hydrogen Systems work
Hydrogen Systems work
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