Gen 15 Triple Booster cell Hydrogen Generator cells for System

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Gen 15 Hydrogen generator triple

Gen 15 Triple Booster cell Hydrogen Generator cells ( tripple cell setup designed to be run at 12 volts producing maximum hydrogen gas and minimal waste heat

Plate area 14400 sq cm – 33 plate PATENTED  system of 6 tuned cells.    call gavan 0403177183

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Gen 15 Triple Booster cell .  This is the heart of the Gen 15 system, High density Polyethylene unit contains Stainless steel 316L terminals which are  laser welded and chemically etched with our patented treatment to  massively increase the gas production of this unit.   All  bolts / fittings are stainless steel 316L .   Stainless metal pneumatic fittings increase the strength and robust nature of this unt.  Weighs 15 kg .  Heat proof,  Strainless steel teminals and  cable glands are capable of easily handling 40 A to 50 Amp at 12 volt / 24 volt.

This item I am selling is not the complete hydrogen system as shown in the photo .  I am selling the cells which are mounded into the Black box as shown inside the photo  that has pipes attached to it. It is a triple cell system  with 2 cells per cell.  Email Gavan for more information and photos. 61 0403177183

Hydraulic fittings on these systems are now Nickle coated Brass fittings , (as shown)  replacing the previous HDPE plastic Legris fittings.  These fittings and cell are tested to 30 + Psi  and a perfect seal.   This model cell has been used to produce 7.2 Litres per minute at 13.2 volt.   More than enough for a very large diesel engine  / truck / genset / marine application

Certified results may 2023  using these systems on a 7.2 Litre 2022 Diesel truck  ( 27 tonne load) show savings  of 31 % adn 32 % as well as massive reductions oin emissions of CO2, CO, sulfer dioxide, nitrous oxide and particular matter

Call Gavan 0403177183

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