Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box

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Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box . Ideal Trucking , Mining, Gensets, Farming , Tractors and Trawlers

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Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box – Ideal for trucking and trawlers

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System is designed for large engine greater than 8 litre capacity and Ideal for Trucks, Mining, Farming, Generators and Marine applications.  Patented system is sold internationally to transport companies / trucking , mining , marine and Farming.  For a price call 0403177183

System made from inert  HDPE plastic and stainless steel 316L – both tough , chemically resistant and rustproof materials.  Welding is TIG Welded and Laser welded to make units better/ tougher and Stronger .  Low resistance steel welds waste no energy as heat.

All electrical terminals are stainless steel , sealed Cable glands , also welded to electrodes.

Systems are available in steel , plastic or aluminum enclosure boxes, As used by Coogee chemicals pty ltd and ARIA pty ltd.  

Steel and aluminum Boxes measure 43 cm x 30cm x 30 cm and are welded enclosure boxes with 2 mm  thickness metal

Plastic box measures 43 cm x 21 cm wide x 35 cm high

Dewalt ToughBox2  53 cm x 33 cm x 32 cm high

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Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box

Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box.   Ideal system for trucking, Mining, farming and marine applications.

System also used on mining, farming and exposed genset used.

High production Patented system.

System tested in Pune, heavy traffic on a 7.2 Litre Disel truck – 27 tonne (June 2023)  recorded 32% and 31%fuel savings- over an 11 day testing period.  System recorded 56%+ reduction in emissions , 87% reduction in particulate matter emissions, 70%+ reduction in Hydrocarbon emissions and massive reduction in sulfur dioxide and nitrous based emissions .

System is now available mounted into a Dewalt Toughbox2 as shown below, that can be easily mounted and transported from one location to the next in the High density Polyethylene Plastic enclosure. 

twin Gen 20 Hydrogen Generator systems for 16 Litre diesel fueled truck
twin Gen 20 Hydrogen Generator kit for 16 Liter diesel fueled truck
Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box
Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box

Generation 20 Hydrogen generator kits mounted in 2 mm thick welded steel enclosure

Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box
Gen 20 system in aluminum enclosure box

This is the Gen 15 Hydrogen Fuel system mounted into Dewalt ToughBox2.  Ideal for commercial applications , strong and easily transported.  Call Gavan 0403177183 or email

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