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Our Hydrogen fuel cell kit offer

Hydrogen Systems Applications. Below provides some of the different options that we offer with our Hydrogen Fuel Systems.

  • We provide two hydrogen fuel systems solutions, one for transport and the other one for stationary applications.
  • Use: Similar to any standard engine, the only difference being the fuel that fuel is hydrogen/diesel or hydrogen/petrol or hydrogen/LPG mixture
  • Emissions: Significantly reduced carbon and NOX  emissions.
  • Proven track record: We have designed, installed, commissioned, maintained and operated hydrogen systems for over 12 years.
  • Installation: We provide a simple installation system instructions.
  • Hydrogen supply: We supply a complete hydrogen solution including the production of hydrogen water
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Hydrogen fuel cell kit for transport applications

The Hydrogen fuel systems Team has designed several Hydrogen fuel systems models  for a multitude of transport applications.

These include the following versatile types of solutions:

  1. Small hydrogen kits for cars applications.
  2. Work vehicles and 4 wheel drive vehicles.
  3. Large trucks.
  4. Specialised vehicles including forklifts.
  5. Boating  systems.
Gen 15 in aluminium enclosure
Gen 20 Hydrogen system for use in trucks and Gensets
Gen 20 Hydrogen system
High Power Gen 10 Electrolysis System hydrogen fuel systems plastic
Gen 10 Electrolysis System hydrogen fuel systems

Hydrogen fuel cell kits for a family and / or trucking vehicle

Several international companies have contracted our services to design hydrogen fuel systems for vehicles.

Most of these are hydrogen range extender. While someare purely for reducing emissions for use with diesel engines.

In a range extender, the patented HFS hydrogen fuel system provides the extra power needed for the vehicle to perform over longer distances using less fuel.

By adding hydrogen fuel systems, clients have increased their range 35% on their standard fuel supply

The aim of our hydrogenfuelsystems (HFS) is to provide extra power to the engine without using more Diesel, Petrol or LPG. Extra Power with less fuel equates to significant fuel savings for moving the vehicle..

Below is an example of a Trucking System with two Generation20 systems installed to reduce fuel consumption by 20%

Gen 15 System hydrogen fuel systems steel box
4 Wheel drive work vehicle usinv Gen 15 System
Hydrogen fuel systems Savings-lowering_maintenance_1
Hydrogen fuel systems Savings-lowering_maintanence costs

Stationary hydrogen fuel kit

We have designed several Hydrogen Fuel Systems for stationary applications.

These range from small Hydrogen Systems for backup Petrol Power Supplies,  to Hydrogen Generator systems for use on Diesel Generators supplying Power for remote Pumping facilities and Diesel Power generators for isolated communities.

185 kVA Genset as used by mining company to power pumping

Hydrogen Systems Applications. Each installation comes with a different set of Hydrogen systems, which depends on the user  requirements.

In essence, a Stationary Hydrogen generator system will consist of the following items:

  1. A Hydrogen generator
  2. A hydrogen backflash protector
  3. A constant current electrical Power supply
  4. A hydrogen piping system
  5. A water / electrolyte storage storage and recycling tank ( plastic or stainless steel)
  6. A monitoring system
  7. Electronic Fuel enhancer module for engines with ECU and electronic fuel injection
  8. Documentation and Installation Instructions

The below picture illustrates a number of our hydrogen HFS kit installations.

Hydrogenfuelsystems  provides the complete Hydrogen  fuel systems kits for stationary and transport applications.  We also oofer consultancy and risk assessment for hydrogen feasibility studies.

Therefore is you wish to convert your fleet of vehicles, gensets or vessels to Hydrogen , please do not hesitate to contact us

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