Better Performance of Vehicles Using HHO -May 12 2023

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Better Performance of Vehicles Using HHO Gas  2023/05/12 


American Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2017, Vol. 5, No. 4, 167-174

Available online at©Science and Education PublishingDOI:10.12691/ajme-5-4-9


Yet Another report on the advantages of using hydrogen gas  added to the air intake on an internal combustion engine.

This report was from     -American Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2017, Vol. 5, No. 4, 167-174

An interesting point made in this report is that they were using a hydrogen generator which was only producing 10 litres per hour and that at Higher production the savings and increase in performance would be significantly greater while a much greater reduction in emissions as well.   They report that their Scientifically valid and reliable tests can achieve savings of 40%.  To 60% 

Our latest Models , by are easily producing 3.2 Litres per minute or 183 Litres per hour . 

Our Larger systems are producing 8 litres per minute   –  or 480 litres per hour

Hydrogen systems we at Hydrogenfuelsystems  pty. ltd. produce have shown enormous savings and enormous reductions in emissions.

Findings or this study are —


The aim of this experimental investigation is, to make a spectacular combination of anodes and cathodes in a simply adaptable ambient within the fuel system and to obtain an enhancement in combustion and reduction in exhaust emissions with electrolysis reaction without the need for storage tanks. In this experimental study, instead of pure hydrogen addition to diesel fuel, produced hydrogen gas along with oxygen (hydroxy gas, HHO, Brown’s gas) is fed to the intake manifolds of a direct

injection single cylinder SI engine by a HHO system and a HECU under various loads. Electrolytes are used to diminish oxygen and hydrogen bonds. HHO is used as a supplementary fuel in a four cylinder, four stroke, and a single cylinder two stroke SI engine without any modification and without need for storage tanks. Its effects on HC, CO emissions, engine performance characteristics and SFC are investigated

3.1. Benefits with HHO Gas


Environment Friendly Exhaust

This is a no brainer. Since water is purely natural and completely renewable, the exhausts from a water driven car are far less hazardous as compared to those from a gas driven car. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen and when combusted in your car engine, hydrogen along with the fuel is used to power the crankshaft while oxygen is released as exhaust. Hence, your car will release oxygen into the atmosphere which will help immensely in regenerating our environment.


Enhanced Engine Life

Water has several soothing effects on various engine e components. Engine components like rings, bearings and piston show higher efficiency when in contact with water. This is because, water being a solvent, takes additional heat away from these components thereby enhancing their life. Usage of water also removes the carbon deposits, which lower the combustion efficiency of the engine.


Noiseless Engine Operation

Engine Noise is is directly proportional to engine temperature

Hence, as temperature increases, engine noise increases as well. When water is used along with the fuel, it acts as a coolant, thereby controlling the operating temperature and hence the noise level of the engine. This also leads to smoother operation of the engine and effortless gearshifts.


Increase in Mileage

Due to improved engine performance and enhanced quality of combustion cycle, your vehicle will experience an improvement of 40 to 60  percent  in mileage. Even if we go by a conservative estimate of 40%, then this is an annual saving of approximately two thousand dollars. In case you have more than one car, then your savings can be manyfold

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Friday, May 12, 2023

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