Improved power supplies

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Improved power supplies

Have been doing a many hours R and D on development of a new improved power supply for hydrogen fuels systems.  The Issue I have experienced is the excessive wastage of electrical energy in operating a power supply originally designed to power DC motors , that have  an excessive amount of electrical circuitry whose only function is to prevent back voltage that reduces the efficiency and Power output of an inductive DC motor circuit.

Improved power supplies

There are many potential sites available online , both on you tube and on research URL sites that describe effective DC control / switching circuits that use MOSFET components .   Many of these are still biased to DC motor circuits but we have managed to modify several simple circuits that use Banks of MOSFET’s connected in parallel with biasing 10k pots , to control / switch the current on in these Electrolysis circuits , without wasting excessive voltage on the internal circuitry.

After many many many hours of operation and testing of these switching Power supply circuits we will now get them made professionally and install them in the latest models of hydrogen fuel systems.

There are several advantages of the new circuitry

  1. All available battery voltage / electrical energy is available for the  electrolysis cells
  2. No overvoltage is wqsted through the PWM heat sink , thus preventing problem s of electronic thermal runaway problem
  3. The MOSFET is a VOLTAGE CONTROLLED DEVICE rather than a current controlled device as in transistors ad IC’s thus  leaving little chance of thermal runaway damage and making it easier to set, control and use
  4. Less parts , simpler construction and less maintenance problems
  5. Truly able to use as a set and forget technology
  6. Cheaper to manufacture and cheaper to repair if so needed

Improved power supplies

Recommended Mosfets for these systems are the 10 amp 12 volt MOSFETS, – 5 OF THEM CONNECTED IN PARALLEL.  Providing control for up to 50 amp of current .

Once the systems are manufactured professionally by our fabricator, they will be mounted into a protective ventilated cage  onto a designed circuitboard

Photos will follow soon  and schematics will be available on this site

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Friday, November 24, 2017

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