Failure Neutral plate systems to produce hydrogen gas

Failure Neutral plate systems to produce hydrogen gas

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Failure Neutral plate systems

Failure Neutral plate systems , US Hydrogen generation systems based on the “neutral plate” arrangement are poorly and incorrectly designed systems that commonly lead to damage to the vehicle electrical system, alternator, generator and ECU.

It is is a fact that the voltage required to generate hydrogen from the electrolysis of water is strictly 1.23 volts per cell.  However this voltage itself is insufficient to generate usable volumes of hydrogen gas due to the internal resistance and poor electrical conductivity of a water cell.   ((0.2 Ω·m sea water, 2 to 200 Ω·m drinking water, 180000 Ω·m deionized water at 20°C)

Salt water , with low resistance, cannot be used as the chlorine ions provide an alternative corrosion pathway for even stainless steel 316L and so cannot be used in any electrolysis reaction used to  Generate hydrogen gas

Similarly sodium bicarbonate solutions Should not  be used in electrolysis reaction used to  Generate hydrogen gas

However potassium hydroxide solution is able to be used and also increases the concentration of hydroxide ions used in the reduction of water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Even so the high internal resistance of the liquid increases the total voltage used voltage by the system simply to overcome the internal resistance .  In summary a typical cell needs 2.2 volts to effectively work

Failure Neutral plate systems  – A US system  , with its so called neutral plates aims to break down the applied battery / alternator voltage into 2.2 volt steps time six = total 13.2 volts.  The Theory sounds good, However the hole in the plates to allow fluid through acts as a short circuit so only one cell exists ,with two active plates separate by a large gap.

So what do these manufacturers do?    The increase the voltage by using a 12 to 110 volt inverter  to generate higher current ….. But   as only one cell exists , not 6 and because there is so much overvoltage 110V – 2.2V = 107.8 volts, then the volume of steam gas produced becomes excessive  with little of no hydrogen.

Voltage x current = Power .  Excessive overvoltage  x current flow  = power / energy released as thermal energy used to boil water.

Failure Neutral plate systems – The high temperature water , overvoltage and passage of current through the holes in the plates causes charge concentrations to build up at the edges   of the holes .  This leads to electro-stripping till the plates destroy themselves, and ultimately destruction shorting  out of   cell

Batteries and alternators are now shorted out leading to their destruction and frustration OF THE  owners of these so called HHO cells.

Systems  produced by hydrogen fuel systems pty ltd are designed and build based on Valid electrochemical principles that prevent electro-stripping as well as avoiding many of the other faulty ideas of the US rubbish design ideas.

Many years of product development were used to get to the stage of the modern H.F.S. System.

We aim to manufacture hydrogen gas efficiently minimizing and avoiding energy wastage in this “electro-winning” process, and do so very effeciently.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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