Schematic Diagram Gen 20 Systems

Hydrogen Fuel Systems GEN 20 flow chart

Follow the flowchart to understand how the Hydrogen generated in our hydrogen patented systems is produced , and  connected into the engine air intake.

Hydrogen gas in the correct stoichiometric ratio increases  the flame speed of the fuel combustion, decreases the percentage of fuel wasted out the exhaust, makes the engine combustion chamber cleaner, reduces the temperature of the exhaust gases , reduces to production of NOX gases  and reduces polluting gases damaging the atmosphere.

Hydrogen combustion with diesel or petrol improves engine operation, keeping  the engine clean of carbon rich deposits which cause pre-ignition and hot spots inside the engine that damage engine operation.

These Hydrogen systems are internationally accepted by industry.  My hope and aim is to get Australians to accept the invention of an Australian Scientist and use it to make an impact on the dangers of global warming .  I fully realize  that  we area  small country and by ourselves we can do little but we are a determined people with many international contacts who can make a significant impact upon the dangers of global warming.  Recently I attended an international meeting ( pre 2019) where we leant the near term impact of uncontrolled used of fossil fuels.   If we have not started to stem the release of greenhouse gases , by 2025, then it may be too late and by 2030 , out of control global warming  could 70% of our global food production in the Northern Hemisphere and a lesser amount in the southern hemisphere.  That equates to third world countries not dieting but Dying .   

For the sake of our children and our world we owe it to them to step up and take responsibility  for the damage to our world and make a determined  effort to fix it.

As a  teacher of 43 years experience I feel a urgent need to educate both young and old of the dangers we face …. just look at what is happening to the fires in Turkey, the droughts in Europe and North America and the floods i Australia… Global warming is the cause .  We must let our politicians know that they as our Servants ( not our Masters) must listen  to us and take action to stop pollution destroying our world.

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For more information on my patented and internationally Proven Hydrogen  fuel systems,  call Gavan on 04031771`83

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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