Hydrogen systems for Diesel Engines University Research

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Hydrogen systems for Diesel Engines University Research

Hydrogen fuel systems. Today October 3 2017, On Holidays at Ramada resort, Dunsborough WA,  I was conducting research online for the following research topic

“hydrogen systems for diesel engines university research”

I was able to find many authentic research articles including ones from a group from with URL address


Science direct is a University research URL requiring membership.,  However there are many reference links showing authors and published papers which can be easily located online through a google search

One such paper I found to start with was headed “Combustion characteristics of diesel-hydrogen dual fuel engine at low load” and was located at the URL


Which I downloaded and have copied onto this post

The research report was well written and a clear concise document providing proof of the use of Hydrogen as a duel fuel for use with diesel

Hydrogen fuel systems

“In the present study, hydrogen utilization as diesel engine fuel at low load operation was investigated. Hydrogen cannot be used directly in a diesel engine due to its auto ignition temperature higher than that of diesel fuel. One alternative method is to use hydrogen in enrichment or induction. To investigate the combustion characteristics of this dual fuel engine, a single cylinder diesel research engine was converted to utilize hydrogen as fuel. Hydrogen was introduced to the intake manifold using a mixer before entering the combustion chamber. The engine was run at a constant speed of 2000 rpm and 10 Nm load. Hydrogen was introduced at the flow rate of 21.4, 36.2, and 49.6 liter/minute. Specific energy consumption, indicated efficiency, and cylinder pressure were investigated. At this low load, the hydrogen enrichment reduced the cylinder peak pressure and the engine efficiency.”

Hydrogen fuel systems

“The advantages of using hydrogen as fuel for internal combustion engine is among other a long-term renewable and less polluting fuel, non-toxic, odorless, and has wide range flammability. Other hydrogen properties that would be a challenge to solve when using it for internal combustion engine fuel, i.e.: low ignition energy, small quenching distance, and low density”

Hydrogen fuel systems

“5. Conclusion Experiments and simulation works were conducted on DI diesel engine with hydrogen in the dual fuel mode. Under constant load and speed engine operation, hydrogen induction into the intake manifold 10 W.B. Santoso et al. / Energy Procedia 32 ( 2013 ) 3 – 10 reduces the diesel fuel consumption. Diesel reduction of 50, 90, and 97% was achieved during the investigation. These relatively high percentages of hydrogen fuel are detrimental to the engine performance in terms of energy consumption and efficiency. An increasing hydrogen flow rate at the low load operation results in a higher SEC. It means that more fuel is necessary to produce the same power output. At this low load operation, the efficiency decreases with hydrogen enrichment. This condition affects the values of SEC. Measurement of in-cylinder pressure was carried out to investigate the combustion process inside the combustion chamber. Hydrogen enrichment reduced the peak pressure and retarded the start of combustion. CFD simulation reveals that hydrogen enrichment in such a high percentage resulted in slower reaction progress due to lower combustion rate of reaction. Temperature distributions along the cut plane at the spray axis showed the progress of the combustion processes. Acknowledgment The authors wish to thank Universiti Malaysia Pahang for supporting this research under GRS 100303. Fully support from LIPI by providing the experiment and simulation facilities are grateful acknowledged.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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