twin Gen 20 system configuration

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twin Gen 20 system configuration   – August 2021

twin Gen 20 system configuration

Twin Gen 20 system configuration

Configuration of twin Hydrogen systems as used by Coogee Chemicals WA,  to run their 16 litre Cummins powered trucks and Prime movers.  These trucks are use d   to transport two trailers of chemicals such as sulfuric acid , diesel, sodium cynanide and other caustic and corrosive chemicals to mining companies  in Australia.  Typically the gross weight is over 90 tonnes.  Drivers report savings of 15 to 20 % when using the hydrogen systems  .  Drivers  report the engine Power and torque increase 20 % … a great advantage when travelling up hills and inclines….. “it like having an extra Gear in the truck going up hill… its much easier going up hill”

Two systems running in parallel connected to a 40 litre water container that produces hydrogen gas and forces it into the engine air intake ahead of the turbo charger

Savings of 15 to 20 % without the electronic  fuel enhancer module .

The twin systems are using 30 amp each and 12 volt input

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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