HOW IT WORKS- Hydrogen on demand systems

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HOW IT WORKS- Hydrogen on demand systems

The modern diesel internal combustion engines burns approximately 70% of diesel fuel in the combustion process. The other 30% turns into unburned hydrocarbons that clog up the DPF and EGRs while the remainder contaminates the oil, and blows out the stack producing pollution and smog. Hydrogen burns 14-times faster than diesel and expands by 20,000-times its volume. When introduced via a delivery line on the vacuum side of the turbo, the hydrogen excites the diesel molecules, increasing the speed of the burn and therefore burning more of the diesel fuel.

How does this extend DPF regen cycles and EGR replacements?

Simply put, by burning more of the fuel, there is less soot left over. By reducing the quantity of soot there is less for the DPF to filter and less to clog up the EGR valve

Campervan with Gen 10 Hydrogen system
Campervan with Gen 10 Hydrogen system saves 40% fuel


You’re right to ask, “Why does this work?” when you know other such “solutions” haven’t worked in the past.

While it’s fairly easy to create a hydrogen injection system that works some of the time, the trick has always been to make a RELIABLE hydrogen injection system that works all of the time. “Hydrogen fuel systems” has used science and engineering, along with manufacturing best practices to achieve the balance required. However, although “Hydrogen fuel systems” knew they had the long sought after solution, they knew it would take quantification, verification and certification in order to prove it to the world.

Hydrogen kits power trucks to improve economy qaned reduce emissions
Hydrogen kits power trucks to improve economy qaned reduce emissions

Do you think, “It’s too good to be true; if it worked this well, everyone would have one.”?

It’s taken decades for the public and institutions to swing behind the long-proven idea that smoking is bad for you. Just because something is good, doesn’t mean that everyone adopts it quickly. There are a lot of bogus claims and underperforming products out there. It’s going to take time for the vast majority of companies to get behind this. In the mean time, those who do adopt this technology will have a definite, measurable advantage over their competition.

Are you concerned about OEM endorsement?

“Hydrogen fuel systems” is working with an OEM, however we do not yet have an OEM endorsement. The automotive industry is a conservative one. Think back to how long it was before Halogen lights were allowed on Australian cars. The same goes for radial tires. An OEM endorsement is coming, but not yet.

We understand downtime is your worst enemy and would not put you in a position where you have to pay out of pocket for an issue our product caused.

How much is this going to cost you?

With our leasing plan your will see savings significantly higher than your lease payments very soon. In reality this will cost you nothing. At 10% savings of fuel used you will make a profit after the first few months.


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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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