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Better Performance of Vehicles Using HHO Gas

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Abstract Facing with the ever increasing cost of conventional fossil fuels, worldwide researches are working overtime to cost effectively improve internal combustion engine (ICE) fuel economy and emission characteristics. In recent years, many researchers have focused on the study of alternative fuels which benefit enhancing the engine economic and emissions characteristics.

The main pollutants from the conventional hydrocarbon fuels areunburned/partially burned hydrocarbon (UBHC), CO, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), smoke and particulate matter. It isvery important to reduce exhaust emissions and to improve thermal efficiency.

In this project, hydroxy gas (HHO)was produced by the electrolysis process of an electrolyte (KOH(aq)) with stainless steel electrodes in a leak proof plexiglass reactor (hydrogen generator). Hydroxy gas was used as a supplementary fuel in a single cylinder, spark ignition (SI) engine without any modification and without need for storage tanks. Its effects on exhaust emissions, engine performance characteristics and specific fuel consumption are investigated

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