Costly inefficient PWM Power supply running hydrogen Fuel systems

Costly inefficient PWM Power supply running hydrogen Fuel systems

Costly inefficient PWM Power supply,  whilst many experimenters are attempting to manufacture Hydrogen gas for Hydrogen on demand systems used in Vehicles , most if not all are falling into the same hole of wasting excessive electrical energy by using A DC motor speed control unit for a purpose for which it was not  designed.  The DC Motor speed control unit is readily available  and is adjustable in output, but it was not designed for electrolysis units .  They waste a large percentage of the limited input electrical energy as heat energy – energy that is better put to use in converting water into hydrogen gas.

Much is heard about the unit being a pulse width modulated unit and how a high frequency square  wave is produced to reduce back EMF and avoid energy wastage.  Yes Back EMF is a problem in any electrical motor and reducing it does make the motor speed control more effective and efficient, but this is not a motor assembly .  Back EMF is not an issue in electrolysis and so square wave generation is a pointless activity.  It simply means a more expensive control unit, wasted energy in unrequired electronics and a reason to further financially exploit a small community of individuals trying to gain from Hydrogen generation… The Cost of power supply controls has increased exponentially over the past 6years.  Compare the cost of so called HHO control units and the cost of far more complex and superior Solar power PWM control devices…. These superior solar power control PWM units are more substantial, superior units that can be modified for use in HHO systems and are a fraction the cost of the DC motor speed control units.

However even these solar devices are PWM and have specifications that are unneeded   for hydrogen generation systems

So what is the solution?

Well a control system is required that can limit the current flow into a system and fix the load in the engine electrics. However a much simpler switching system that uses MOSFETS , Power transistors , aluminium heat sinks,  Biasing resistors and potentiometers far more efficient , cheaper / simpler system  for powering the hydrogen generator.   We have done away with the square wave generation procedure to make the control unit simpler , less prone to heat damage and thermal runaway and allow more electrical energy be used to produce Chemical energy in the form of Hydrogen.

A major advantage of this new control unit is that it is simple to construct and Use and is inexpensive.  Why pay $150 for a deficient PWM motor speed control unit , from Malaysia when a simple MOSfet circuit costing under $10 can do a better job.

We at Hydrogen fuel systems pty Ltd have investigated a number of such control units and are in the final stages of selecting the Best …. Remember the old ”KISS” principle….. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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